I'm currently thinking of ways of dealing with the Greek question. I think the only certain way of ensuring the Greeks do not default on loans is to spray some epileptic style dance off inducing chemicals over the entire population and stripping the country bare to get our money back. Clearly however, I am treading on egg shells and open the floor to the more ruthless members in how to deal with the current economic crisis involving a bunch of tax dodging cunts.


Seeing that the Chinese own a big chunk of Greeces debt,maybe they should take over. They could set up some of those lovely " re-education" camps. And as a bonus you wouldn't have to travel as far to get an organ transplant.
They should be made to put up a few of the more picturesque islands as surety, untenented of course.

So if they default then Germany can have Crete and the UK gets Kos and so on depending on exactly how much each has paid in.
Turn Lesbos Island into a concentration camp with sporty spice as head pussy muncher.


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Germany can have Crete and the UK gets Kos and so on depending on exactly how much each has paid in.
Germany has already shot-gunned Corfu as interest on their sunk costs......speaking of which, GB should get dibs on Crete before the damn sausage munchers are gifted it.

all same-same Leros and Rhodes.

( but I think we should bring maximum diplomatic pressure/blackmail to bear to ensure that Santorini is gifted to that nice Mister will be very suitable for all those new EU citizens currently camping on Lampedusa......)
Given the Boxheads are paying for Greece, they should send them back in to get a proper job done this time. They made an arse of it in WW2, tbh.

If the Greeks want to survive the coming winter without starving, they are going to have to pay a wee bit of tax. The days of lolling about, eating olives, moaning about public sector pay and robbing British tourists are over.


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