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Having just come back from a holiday in the Ionian, I got interested in the WWII campaign for Greece.

The attached booklist from MoD Library is a start but if you know of a good book which covers the campaign I'd be interested to hear of others:

Inside Hitler's Greece: the experience of occupation, 1941-44
Mazower, Mark
Publisher: Yale University Press,
Pub Date: 1993

Ultra and Mediterranean strategy 1941-1945
Bennett, Ralph
Publisher: H. Hamilton,
Pub Date: 1989

Victory of a sort: the British in Greece, 1941-46
Smith, Eric David, Brig
Publisher: R. Hale,
Pub Date: 1988

The German occupation of Greece 1941-1944
Hondros, John Louis
Publisher: University Microfilms International,
Pub Date: 1988

A memoir of Greece in 1948 a year of crisis
MacFetridge, C. H. T., Lt Col
Publisher: the author,
Pub Date: 1987

British intervention in Greece: from Varkiza to Civil War: February 1945 to August 1946
Richter, Heinz
Publisher: Merlin,
Pub Date: 1986

Diary of a disaster: British aid to Greece 1940-1941
Higham, Robin
Publisher: University Press of Kentucky,
Pub Date: 1986

104: 104 Field Battery Royal Artillery: 3 September 1939 to 3 September 1945: an informal history
Williamson, Hugh
Publisher: the author,
Pub Date: 1985

7th Field Company RE 1939-46: the 'Shiny 7th' at war
Riordan, Thomas M. J.

Publisher: the author,
Pub Date: 1984

War diaries: politics and war in the Mediterranean, January 1943-May 1945
Macmillan, Harold
Publisher: Macmillan,
Pub Date: 1984

Hitler and the middle sea
Ansel, Walter, RAdm, USN
Publisher: Duke University,
Pub Date: 1972

The Greek-Italian War 1940-1941: winter operations; the Italian March attack (7 January - 26 March 1941)
Greece. Army. General Staff. Army History Branch

Publisher: Greece. Army. General Staff. Army History Branch,
Pub Date: 1966

Greek tragedy
Heckstall-Smith, Anthony
Publisher: A. Blond,
Pub Date: 1961

The Army Medical Services: campaigns, Vol. 3: Sicily, Italy, Greece (1944-45)
Crew, F.A.E.
Publisher: HMSO,
Pub Date: 1959

The Mediterranean and Middle East, Vol. 2: "The Germans come to the help of their ally" (1941)
Playfair, Ian S. O., Maj Gen
Publisher: HMSO,
Pub Date: 1956

The Army Medical Services: campaigns, Vol. 1: France and Belgium, 1939-1940; Norway; Battle of Britain; : Libya, 1940-1942; East Africa; Greece, 1941; Crete; Iraq; Syria; Persia; Madagascar; Malta
Crew, F.A.E.
Publisher: HMSO,
Pub Date: 1956

The Battle of Greece 1940-1941
Papagos, Alexander, Gen
Publisher: J. M. Scazikis,
Pub Date: 1949

Report by the Supreme Allied Commander Mediterranean to the Combined Chiefs of Staff on Greece, 12th December 1944 to 9th May 1945
Alexander of Tunis, Harold Rupert Leofric George Alexander, FM, Earl
Publisher: HMSO,
Pub Date: 1949

Supreme Commanders' despatches, 1939-45
Wavell, Archibald Percival Wavell, FM, Earl
Publisher: HMSO,
Pub Date: 1946

History of the Commandos in the Mediterranean, September 1943 to May 1945
Publisher: Cabinet Office

Venture into Greece: with the Guerillas 1943-44
Hammond, Nicholas

Review of the results of investigations carried out by the Ministry of Defence in 1986 into the fate of British servicemen captured in Greece and the Greek Islands between October 1943 and October 1944 and the involvement, if any, of the then Lieutenant Waldheim
Ministry of Defence

Publisher: HMSO,
Pub Date: 1989

British policy towards Greece during the Second World War 1941-1944
Papastratis, Procopis

British Reports on Greece, 1943-1944
Stevens, J.M.

Greece and the British connection 1935-1941
Koliopoulos, John S.

Scobie: Hero of Greece. The British Campaign 1944-5
Maule, Henry

British policy towards wartime resistance in Yugoslavia and Greece
Auty, Phyllis

50th Royal Tank Regiment: the complete history
Hamilton, Stephen D.
Publisher: Lutterworth,
Pub Date: 1996

31st Field Regiment RA: a record
Roberts, Owen Nedwill
Publisher: 31st Field Regiment RA. Old Comrades Association,
Pub Date: 1994
Grateful for any additions,


Le Chevre
Air War over Yugoslavia , Greece and Crete . Chris Shores.

Publisher: Grub Street
Language: English
ISBN: 0948817070

Covers the Airwar from beating the Italians in '40 , to the German offensive in 1941. Also includes in depth detail of the Paratroop assault and the Germans deliberately crashing 52's on the airfield at Heraklion , to get troops into the fight.

Includes full detail and background to the "last great act of defiance" of the RAF over Athens in 1941 , where 14 Hurricanes took on 200+ Gernans. One of the 14 pilots that day was Roald Dahl. Massive well researched tome, well worth the money.


Book Reviewer
On the way back from the Sandbox two years ago, the good ship Sir Galahad stopped in Crete ( Soudha) and I rent-a-biked to Maleme, the airfield where much of the German airborne assault took place. Still a Greek military facility and ironically they were parachuting onto it the day I was there.

Visited the German war cemetery - iirc 6,000 dead. Some slightly contentious memorial 'history'.

Steep butcher's bill for what it turned out was a strategically non significant asset.....Also put the Nazi High Command off using paratroops against determined ground defence for the duration of the war....the Cretans subsequently maintained resistance for the duration.

( That said, any Wehrmacht trooper who got posted to the Greek islands instead of the East must have counted himself a lucky lad....beautiful part of the world)

Lee Shaver

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