Greece Oxi Day

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Talos, Oct 26, 2012.

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  1. On the 28th of October Greece will celebrate Oxi Day.


    Il Duce with his mighty legions
    Knocked at Greece’s ancient gate
    He had forty million people
    And the Greeks had only eight
    With his Fascist banners gleaming
    From the high Albanian Peak,
    “I am coming,” cried Il Duce.
    “Come ahead” replied the Greek.

    “Forward!” shouted the commanders
    With a good old Roman curse;
    And the legions started rolling,
    Rolling swiftly – in reverse,
    And throughout the startled nation
    The news began to leak
    That the Duce had been walloped
    By the sturdy little Greek.

    Then that poor, moth-eaten Caesar,
    What a different song he sang!
    “This great big bully licked me!
    Hey Adolph, get your gang!”
    “You’re a dumkopf,” cried the Fuehrer,
    As he pulled his trusty gun;
    “You don’t know how to murder kids;
    “I’ll show you how it’s done.”

    And then the tanks began to roll
    With clank and roar and groan:
    The great planes blacked the sky and filled
    The air with ceaseless drone,
    In endless ranks with flame and bomb
    And gray guns long and sleek;
    The mighty German war machine
    Moved down upon the Greek.

    And still that fellow wouldn’t run –
    He didn’t quite know how.
    “We’ve got some help,” he said, “and that
    just makes it even now.”
    “ Bring on your millions, Adolph dear,
    We’re neither scared nor meek.
    The British, sixty thousand strong,
    Are standing with the Greek!”

    They fought a fight like Homer’s song
    They died, as brave men must
    Their ranks, “neath dark odds,
    Were beaten to the dust.
    And then heroic chivalry
    Attained its highest peak
    As the victors clasped their bloody hands
    Above the fallen Greek.

    Someday, beyond this veil of tears,
    We’ll all stand on the spot
    To tell the Judge of all the world
    Just who we were – and what.
    I wouldn’t be a Fascist then,
    Or Nazi grim and bleak;
    But I’d be proud to tell my God
    That once I was a Greek!
    By John Dennis Mahoney

    The Greek artillery in Albania


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