Greece, or no Greece

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by heard_it_all_before, Jun 22, 2011.

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  1. Right. From a Greek point of view, what's the absolute worst that can happen?

    a. Be cut loose from the Euro and start again.
    b. Become an even bigger prostitue of Brussels for ever more.

    I say from a Greek point of view because everything seems to based upon, what's best for the Union and single currency...
  2. Sod Greece. I think we should pull out of the EU. All it does is cost us.
  3. Panzers Vorwarts!!
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  4. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Worst thing that can happen from a Greek point of view?
    The very real probability that Turkey buys their assets in the fire sale.....
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  5. Sell off some of their islands and hope that the Germans have more hard cash than the Turks at the auction.

    They will have to default anyway. If not immediately (arguably they have partially), next week when they fail to make enough austerity cuts or some-time next year when the latest loan runs out.
  6. No point lending them more money if they can't afford repayments on the existing loans. Its throwing more good money after bad. Greece has always been a financial risk, and is now a total basket case. It should never have been allowed into the Euro in the first place. Let the country fall out of the Euro, and risk the impact on the rest of the Euro countries. if we bail it out we are just putting off the evil day when they finally do collapse with even higher debts, risking even further damage when they eventually do collapse.
    Best take the hit now.
  7. Back in the eighties, I, like many others on this site no doubt, spent my two weeks summer holidays, tanning my pasty white skin to a nice lobster hue on the beaches of Corfu, Kos and Crete. It was nearly as cheap as Spain but without the 'English Breakfast sold here' signs. Checking prices earlier this year, for me and my family, a holiday in Turkey was about £1000 cheaper than a comparative holiday in Greece. They can't compete against Turkey while stuck with the Euro. They should default, get back to the Drachma, de-value and start flogging cheap holidays again.
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  8. What do you call a Greek that doesn't fiddle his taxes.......... A ****ing Miracle!

    Sorry,Greece fiddled their way into the Euro,with some financial sleight of hand,leave 'em to it,as I've said before 'any country that invents yogurt,and feta cheese,deserves all they get' ! :excited:
  9. Who cares? Greece doesn't matter to me in the least.
    As long as Cameron keeps his word (ha ****ing ha) and doesn't spend any of my money propping Greece up my interest ends there.
  10. I present to you "the Gyros" so they're not all bad!
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  11. Does Greece have any industry and exports other than naff olive oil and feta cheese?
  12. You forgot the dirty gayers bum disease AIDS.
  13. Didn't we increase the funds we have on deposit with the IMF by £9Bn or so recently? Its IMF money that will get used to bail the Greeks out of this catastrophe.

  14. Hence the sceptical haha
  15. We need to have a serious word with CMD. Greece should not be supported and more and certainly not by the UK. When Greece finally goes to the dogs, what will we be left with?

    I'll tell 'ee:

    Reasonable wine at knock down prices.

    Olives, if you like em, dead cheap.

    Holidays at pre Cold War prices.

    Stunning birds falling over themselves to suck your cock for a fiver.

    Ditto birds with mustaches... etc.

    Ditto birds with the hairiest of pussies ..... etc.

    Waiters you can abuse with impunity.

    That'll do for now.
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