Greece Cooks The Books

Athens has announced that its economy is 25% bigger than thought, thanks in part, to the ' round-the-clock ' duties of the country's prostitutes. The Greek authorities are revising the country's gross domestic product after deciding that the black market should be included in the figures.

" The revised GDP will include money from illegal activities such as money from cigarette and liquor smuggling, prostitution and money laundering "

the Greek economic output was 180 million euros and is expected to rise to 194 million with the ' black ' economy estimated at 60 million euros.. This rejigging avoids a ticking off from the E.U. which has the right to impose hefty fines on a euro zone country if the budget deficit rises above 3% of gross domestic product...

This sounds like a plan to me.. kudos to the Greeks for coming up with this dodge.. gets 'em off the hook and give the finger to the EU overlords..

Sounds like a good time to visit and 'pump' some of my 'money' into the Greek 'economy'.
Forks said:
Sounds like a good time to visit and 'pump' some of my 'money' into the Greek 'economy'.
We're talking Greece here. That would mean waving your wand up the keister of some sweaty fellow.

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