Grecian 2000 or other hair colourants.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by mufftickler, Jun 6, 2013.

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  1. Anyone had any experience, good or bad?.

    I am 46 years young and have recently noticed that I am beginning to get the "salt and pepper" look.

    Never really had any problems pulling the birds but recently have had several knockbacks.
    I am starting to think that its either my massive personality disorder or my hair colour changing from young to getting older.

    Will it make a difference if I die my hair?

    Anyone with any experience?

    Feel free to take the piss.
  2. Bender.
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  3. Investigate your massive personality disorder.
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  4. You should cut your cock off

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  5. Gayer ..... your grey pubes will still give you away should you pull , that or just set your sights lower and go ugly early
  6. It's a percentages game. Keep fishing, eventually you'll get a bite.

    (Or give up hunting 18yr olds and chase your own age)
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  7. I would recommend you go for a real brassy copper tone, a la Anne Robinson. That way people will know you dye your hair, but will assume you just fancied a change for fashion purposes, and weren't attempting to cover grey.
    on the subject of pulling birds, I feel obliged to point out, should your newly technicolor-treated Barnett lure in the ladies, you will of course have the awkwardness of explaining away the pubes you sport, resembling Santa's beard.
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  8. I would hazard a guess that the respondents to this post will all be outing themselves as hair dying aficionados, since otherwise they would never have clicked on such a random thread,

    My good self excluded of course.
  9. Yes it would. I'd personally try 'dye'.
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  10. Seriously, you lot are obviously a bit younger than me but one day you will get the wake up call. Down at the local gash splash and have a re evaluation.
  11. Shave everything off (Collar and Cuffs). Then if you still can't pull you will have eliminated 'Grey Hair' as a reason which leaves only the fact you are a total, useless wanker who couldn't get a fuck in a barrel full of fannys.

    In which case, welcome to ARRSE!
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  12. Snap out of it young fella! I'm 51 and wouldn't even think of colouring my hair. They like (or detest) me for me, not hair colour.
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  13. I'm 53 this month and don't have to!

    Read it and weep, MotherFucker!
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  14. Ahh, but I am sporting the "George Clooney" uptop. Whilst downstairs I am still browner than Mike Tyson's starfish.

    Is Mama Nature playing games with me, or does sunlight just highlight the bits on regular view?

  15. What? So that's not a picture of you in your avatar?

    I'm sorely let down.