Greatest Pubs in UK

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by hogspawn, Apr 9, 2012.

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  1. As a ying to the 'Worst pubs in Britain' thread's yang......

    Best pubs you know and why?

    For me - Market Porter in Borough, London...

    on a sunny afternoon the sheer volume and quality of the clunge strolling past as you chuck ale down your neck is pant soilingly good
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  2. "Trip to Jerusalem" in Nottingham.
    "Cheshire Cheese" Fleet St
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  3. with you on the cheshire.

    any particular reason for the other? beer/birds or both?
  4. 12369300.jpg

    Yeah, I know it's in Widnes, but I know the owner, and he'd always wake me up for the lock in.


    This used to be my local until some fuckwit from Hartlepool bought it and closed it down.
  5. Negligent-Discharge

    Negligent-Discharge LE Book Reviewer

    Market Borough is a definitely on!

    How about the following?:
    The Warrington Arms, Maida Vale, London - good inside and out during summer and loads of nearby Curry houses for afterwards.
    Henry J. Bean's, Chelsea - freaking expensive, but full of Sloaney blart wanting blokes from the other side of the tracks.
    The Tap & Spile (aka The Red Cross), Reigate, Surrey.
    The Sovereigns, Woking, Surrey - no white cider crowd, but office girls and no squaddies.
    The Skimmington Castle, Reigate Heat, Surrey - good for a walk on th Heath and a definite "NO KIDS" INDOORS POLICY.
    Various dives in Edinburgh - Jessy's, Rose & Crown etc.

    ... and one for Jarrod, The Muscular Arms, Glasgow, if it's still going.
  6. Great beer and the pub goes back to the middle ages and built into the castle rock.
  7. The Bull in Launton, Oxon. Great food and a great pint of Guinness. Only downfall is its near Bicester.
    Red Lion in Islip.
    Blacks Head Inn Kidlington
    The Ben Johnson Weston on the Green
  8. "and he'd always wake me up for the lock in"

    What a gent, clearly a professional
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  9. Will have to try The Warrington

    The Royal Court Tavern in Chelsea was always good, now it's some place called the Botanist or some shite, Henry J Beans on the Kings Rd?
  10. I remember a mahoosive punch up outside there a couple of years back with a big bunch of footie fans.

    Other than that a pleasant pub when the hoorays weren't kicking up and braying around the place
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  11. The Lamorna Wink. Amazing old pub at Lamorna Cove, Cornwall. No jukebox, gaming machines or daft customer service. Just good ale and ploughman's or pasties. The walls and ceilings are completely covered in trinkets from around the world, together with bits off shipwrecks. They even had a giant turtle shell at one time. The pub is located in the valley next to a trout stream that runs into the sea. It's surrounded by woodland and is a good place to relax.

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  12. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    The Avondale Arms in Plymouth. The barmaids get their tits out.

    I win.
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  13. The Claddagh Ring in Hendon used to be great, but then they re-did it in about 2005 and it went a bit weird and too light. I preferred it dingy.

    The Rockin Bay Horse in Chelmsford was good too - heavy metal karaoke when off your tits is great fun
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  14. Three for me;

    Black Swan - Frizinghall, Bradford. Top quality Tetley beer and great scoff. My first real local.

    Coal Hole - The Strand, London. The first pub my old man took me to for a pint. Holds a special place in my heart for that reason. Everytime Im in the smoke I go in for a Guinness.

    Queens Arms, Corton Denham, Dorset. Moors Ales which are very, very moorish- if you will. My current local, if any ARRSE'rs are close by PM me and we'll have a beer.
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