Greatest Movie Quotes...EVER

Not a film, but heard this on some kids cartoon show that I thought was great:

"True friendship should come from the heart, not from an electric squid to the face"
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Not quiet a movie but you get the drift:

Question: Are you going to answer the question Mr Corbyn are you going to condemn the IRA, for the provisional IRA bombing of Manchester.

Mr Corbyn: Bzzzzzzzzzzzz

I think he's hung up
The Long Good Friday

Pool Attendant: They kept it all incognito. They're gonna collect the body in an ice cream van.

Harold: There's a lot of dignity in that, isn't there? Going out like a raspberry ripple.
And this from the same film

Harold: What I'm looking for is someone who can contribute to what England has given to the world: culture, sophistication, genius. A little bit more than an 'ot dog, know what I mean?
Lone Watie (Character):
"I'm an Indian alright but here in The Nations they call us the civilised tribes. They call us civilised because we are easy to sneak up on. White men have been sneaking up on us for years.

They sneaked up on us and they told us we wouldn't be happy. They told us we would be happy in The Nations.
So they took away our tribal lands and sent us here. I had a fine woman and two sons but they all died on the Trail of Tears.

I wore a frock coat to Washington before The War. We wore them because we belonged to the five civilised tribes. We dressed ourselves up like Abraham Lincoln. We got to see the secretary of the interior. He said, "Boy, you boys sure look civilised." He congratulated us and he gave us medals for looking so civilised. We told him about how our tribal lands had been stolen and how our humans were dying. When we finished he shook our hands and said "Endeavour to persevere!" They stood us in a line, John Jumper, Chili McIntosh, Buffalo Hump, Jim Buckmark, and me, I am Lone Watie. The newspapers took our picture and said, "Indians vow to endeavour to persevere."

We thought about for a long time, "Endeavour to persevere", and when we had thought about it long enough, we declared war on the Union."
"Two manky hookers and a racist Dwarf" In Bruges.
Just bumping this as The Outlaw Josie Wales is on tonight and it provides a few good lines.
Dave @ 2200 UK o'clock.
"CEO is short for chief executive officer an is a sort of cross between a managing director and a ****".... The Hippoptamus.

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