Greatest military films of all time

:D :D Throw it out to the forum, what do you think was an iconic military film(s)?

I will start with:

Zulu.....Michael Caine with the plummy guards officer's mouth of marbles. :p

Full Metal Jacket.....I had sympathy for Pte Pyle :?

Go tell the Spartans......Burt Lancaster and the rest of the spams....winning to lose in early Vietnam. :roll:

Over to you 8)


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All of the above make reasonable viewing, but they are just a bit cheesey.

There can be only one iconic war film and that is DAS BOOT........ALARM!!!!!!!!!!!

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The Odd Angry Shot - Aussies in 'Nam
Downfall - last days of berlin :)
Done to death fellas enter a search (using the button at the top of the page) and enter a keyword of greatest in this forum - there's at least 4 returns with lots of replies in each.


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Saving Private Ryan. Its not an oldie flick, but certainly took me to a place that I'd never want to go. I cried like a beehotch at the end and blamed the air conditioning for my wet eyes. Opening scene was a little too real.

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Sorry , how is this thread different to the other one that's several zillion posts long?
Starship Troopers.

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