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Greatest Living Englishman

I don't think you understand brethren. Brian Blessed is awesome. Just imagine going out on the lash with him and someone like Boris Johnson. Now like or dislike but I but I bet Boris is a top fella on the lash. I'd rather get ming monged with them than a couple of Bellwhiffs like Bliar and Broon.
Edward Fox OBE (Former Coldstream Guards Officer)

Bloody marvellous as Lt Gen Brian Horrocks and got to say the greatest line from a war film ever:

"Gentlemen, this will be a story you will tell your grandchildren- and mightily bored they'll be!" :D
Ok then i have to also add Ray Winstone.He too enjoys a swift half every now and again.....so much so that he has built his own bar at home,so when he passes out,his missus knows exactly where he is and she doesn't complain!

Sir Margaret Thatcher! :D

I know technically not a man, she damn well had balls, however Boris Johnson, i reckon you would spend millions in spearmint rhino. :oops:
Not lying in bed. Still jetlagged from Boston. Will brief you in later. BTT Brian Blessed was absolutely awesome today and took the show over. There is a god and he is Blessed!
the_guru said:
Watching Soccer AM. On comes Brian Blessed. Takes the show over. Gordons Alive!!

He is the Greatest Living Englishman.

End Of
Surely "Loudest living Englishman??"

What about Ben fogle? Ten stone dripping wet but he has the character of the sort of englishman who would play six chukkas before breakfast, shoot snipe on the way home and then govern an area the size of the York Notts and Derbyshire coal field at the age of 26! In the evenings he would devise some brilliant invention or amend einstein's theory of relativity...
the_guru said:
Booooorrrrrrriiiinnnnggggg. Faggot. Blessed can sing too.
Are you sniffing something? - Brian Blessed is the fattest pretentiuous gobshite who thinks that because he's limped up Everest everyone loves him... FFS Guru, if you're modelling yourself on him, fcuk off back to the home.. nursey's missing you

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