Greatest Living Briton

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Whiskybreath, May 26, 2005.

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  1. David Attenborough.

    No competition.

    (Oh, OK, I've just seen the hours' worth on him by Palin, but after many years' worth of admiration the opinion stands.)
  2. second that
  3. Margaret Thatcher.....not a popular choice I will admit!

    She took a country heading to 3rd world status, crippled by the Trade Unions and gave it a a long and admittedly painful talking too. She put the country straight and left a theory of Politic now emulated (to some degree) by the Great Fraud. She was a woman of principle and tremendous moral courage if something needed fixing because it was wrong, she fixed it.

    More if its needed. :wink:
  4. You've got me thinking WB... - yep, he's a good choice, can't think of anyone better
  5. Got to be 'MDN'.

    (he said so)

  6. Contrast her principle and courage of every kind with the moveable feast that is NuLab...

    Contender, definitely.
  7. Sorry, really should have expanded on my choice.

    Attenborough is brilliant. He can take a team, lead, manage and administrate them, enthuse them with the project he's dreamt up and produce a world-beating product from their efforts time after time after time, over decades. His charm, honesty and professional ability are a shining light to every botanist, biologist, zoologist and human who sees the results of his labours.

    He renounced a sparkling career in the executive management of British broadcasting for his calling, yet while he was there he changed the way the BBC operated to make it the finest example of its' type in the world. Would that the very much lesser men who followed were able to do the same.

    He inspired me to pay attention to the world I was living in, to try to understand the lives and habits of the wildlife which previously in wilder parts of the world I had only regarded as meat or nuisance, the birds I had only thought of as the early morning wakeup call and the flora I had little thought for at all.

    His encounters with penguins, gorillas and bower birds will stay with me forever. Outstanding in every way.

    Number 1.
  8. Maggei bar none.
    Not the nices but you'll never see her ;ole again.
  9. 8O
    I didn't want to see her hole in the first place!
  10. I would have to say Stephen Hawking


    He has revolutionised the scientific community with his thinking, and to do that in his condition is something beyond remarkableHawking home site
  11. I would say that the two greatest men alive are those that created Lycra and Wonderbras, although poss not in that order. And that comes fromsomeone who can wear both :wink:
  12. "Briton". No sexism here, woman.
  13. Well, it could've been a Briton that invented them :) In that case, someone I know who is Briton, why not Shakespeare?

  14. GREATEST 'LIVING BRITON' you mong!
  15. Mmm. We're not getting Willy to meet Penelope in this endeavour yet.

    Let's wind the old underpants up the flagpole with the words: "Living Briton" emblazoned thereon.

    "Living" is good: inspires wild sweating activity, while Briton has "King of Kings, Forever, and Ever Hallelulijah, Lord of Lords, For Ever and Ever, Hallelulijah" all over it.

    Attenborough, Thatcher, QEII,....

    Are you with me?