Greatest Living Briton 07..on TV now.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by CH512O, May 21, 2007.

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  1. Maggie Thatcher...dont have a problem.
    Queenie....well she is head of state!

    Paul McCartney?? because he has had a hard year?!! :?
    Robbie Williams...because he joined the other non-entitys that attend rehab?? :?

    The bird who sang hills are alive with sound of music??..Greatest Living Briton!!! Please! :evil:

    A lot more deserving people before id name that lot....our man Beharry for one!
  2. Except he's Grenadan 8O

    Edited to add - apart from that I totaly agree with you :wink:
  3. You know what i mean!! :wink:
  4. Turn over to BBC2 its quite informative on PTSD etc.
  5. Thank god Sir Rannulph Fiennes won the Sports Person award!
  6. Private Michelle Norris,MC. Royal Army Medical Corps . How the hell the likes of Gordon Ramsey and Helen Mirren can b econsidered and this young lady left out defeats me.
  7. Dont worry, its ok, David Beckham, you know the bloke that took us to the World Cup final and has been playing for a english football team, has just got a standing ovation!!!
    What did he win? Greatest Briton for Global Achievement :? :?

    Im expecting the credits at the end to say "Sponsored by the Labour Party!"
  8. Any person who serves this country in the Forces, Police, Fire Service or nurses and doctors (include ambulance crews). They are the greatest living persons in my opinion.
  9. Fablonbiffchit..............does that include us retired old gits too ?
  10. Celebs of whatever persuasion are perverse, money driven, a senseless diversion, a waste of time and a perpetual irritant. Occasionally, they'll climb aboard a safe charity bandwagon to show us how 'human' they really are. But they're sick in the head generally, and very few of them retain any genuine human empathy as we know it. Vacuous tw@s.

    Anybody with a scrap of dignity, if invited, would ask 'Hang on. Me?? Have you made a mistake? There are surely millions of people in this country who are far more deserving than I am!!'. Celebs don't tend to make these considerations, being so far rammed up their own back passages.

    Any knob in the audience paying to attend an event such as this, or for that matter watching the shite on a TV needs sectioning.
  11. Yes myself included for an egotistical powertrip.