Greatest County Infantry Regiment (pre-1958)

Right, who in the opinion of my fellow Arssers was the greatest County Infantry Regiment prior to the 1958 amalgamations?

I'll start the ball rolling and propose The Middlesex Regiment (Duke of Cambridge's Own) 57th and 77th of Foot

On the basis of:

11 Victoria Crosses

165 Battle Honours including - Albuhera, Badahoz, Mysore, Serinapatam, Alma, Inkerman, Sevastopol, New Zealand, South Africa 1879, South Africa 1900-02, Mons, Ypres, Loos, Somme, Arras, Vimy, Passchendaele, Cambrai, Gallipoli, Palestine, Siberia, Dunkirk, El Alamein, Hong Kong, Sicily, Anzio, Normandy Landing, Falaise, Venlo Pocket, Rhineland, Reichswald, Goch, Rhine Crossing, Naktong Bridgehead, Korea 1950-51

10 Battalions pre 1914 - Regular 1st-4th, Militia (Special Reserve) 5th-6th and Territorial 7th-10th

First 'Imperial Service' battalion - 7th (TF) - volunteered to serve overseas in 1912. Second 'Imperial Service' battalion was 8th Middlesex.

The 1st Battalion was the first British regiment to land in France after the declaration of war in August 1914.

First shots fired in anger by British infantry were those of 4th Battalion at Mons on 23/8/14

The first guns captured from the Germans were those at Nery 1st September 1914 taken by "D" Coy 1st Bn.

1/7th and 1/8th Battallions first Territorials to go overseas (to Gib) in September 1914.

A total 46 Battalions raised in Great War - 12,694 dead

6 battalions fought in Second World War - 1,117 dead

1st Battalion sacrificed by Churchill with fall of Hong Kong in 1941.

1/7th Battalion was only 'sassenach' infantry battalion in the famous 51st Highland Division 1941-1944.

2nd Battalion among first to land in Normandy 6th June 1944 (H-Hour +20)

1st Battalion (and 1A&SH) first British infantry to fight in Korea in 1950

1st Battalion had the only Carribean Steel Band in the British Army after a posting to Jamaica in the 1960's.

Arguably the most famous nickname in British Army - the 'Die-Hards' - (Battle of Albuhera 16th May 1811) the inspiration for 4 Hollywood blockbusters starring Bruce Willis :D

Gentlemen, let battle commence........
My dad served with the Middlesex in Korea as a reinforcement from the KSLI and always spoke highly of them. Think he tried to stay with them when they left Korea but had to return to KSLI (might have had more to do with leaving Korea though!)
The Dorsets, solid and dependable made of the 39th and 54th foot.

1st May 1915 when Germans first used poison gas against British soldiers Lieutenant Kestell-Cornish and four men held the British line untill reinforcements arrived
The only British battalion present at the battle of Plassey which enshrined British rule in India for the next two centuries.

Other battle honours; Plassey, [Gibraltar 1779-83]1, Albuhera, Vittoria, Pyrenees, Nivelle, Nive, Orthes, Peninsula, Maharajpore, Sevastopol

Have a real essay in for Monday so will leave someone else to promote this fine and worthy candidate.

Showing up the navy with the Sarah Sands incident.
I have my Grandfather's Middlesex cap bagde from WW1 - he was in the 7th Londons but they changed to become a part of the Middlesex in 1916 - it was the cap badge he was demobbed with.

But greatest county reg? Maybe the Ox & Bucks LI - the Glorious Glosters, the Buffs or the Devons - maybe the Middlesex - all I know is that the greatest thing about county regiments was the men that made them up.
The Lincolnshire Regiment "The Poachers" mainly becuase of my family conections
Airfix said:
24th of Foot, South Welsh Borderers - Nobody else has a major Hollywood epic made of them!
24th of Foot, but the South Warwickshires on the day of the battle. they became the SWB two years later.
Surely the The Gloucestershire Regiment 28th / LXI:

Battle Honours:

Guadaloupe 1759
Quebec 1759
Martinique 1762
St Lucia 1778
Delhi 1857
Defence of Ladysmith
Relief of Kimberley
South Africa 1899-1902
The Great War 1914-18
Retreat from Mons
Marne 1914
Aisne 1914/18
Ypres 1914/15/17
Langemarck 1914/17
Nonne Bosschen
Givenchy 1914
St Julien
Somme 1916/18
Albert 1916/18
Delville Wood
Ancre Heights
Ancre 1916
Arras 1917/18
Vimy 1917
Scarpe 1917
Messines 1917/18
Menin Road
Polygon Wood
Cambrai 1917/18
St Quentin
Bapaume 1918
Hindenburg Line
Canal du Nord
St Quentin Canal
France & Flanders1914/18
Vittorio Veneto Italy 1917/18
Struma Doiran 1917
Macedonia1915-18 Suvla
Sari Bair
Scimitar Hill
Gallipoli 1915/16
Egypt 1916
Tigris 1916
Kut al Amara 1917
Mesopotamia 1916/18
Persia 1918

The Second World War
Defence of Escaut
St Omar-la Bassee
Mont Pincon
Risle Crossing
Le Harve
North West Europe 1940 44/45
Taukyan Paungde Monywa 1942
North Arakan
Mayu Tunnels
Pinwe Shweli
Burma 1942 44/45

Hill 327
Korea 1950-51


The Back Badge - Alexandria 1801
Quatre Bras - only English county regiment named in Wellington's Waterloo dispatch
The US Presedential Citation - Battle of Imjin
Royal Sussex, no question. 4 VCs in the Great War, 1 in the Second
My Great-Great-Uncle's regt.
Bullshot! said:
Airfix said:
24th of Foot, South Welsh Borderers - Nobody else has a major Hollywood epic made of them!
24th of Foot, but the South Warwickshires on the day of the battle. they became the SWB two years later.
2nd Warwickshires actually. Hence playing of "Warwickshire Lads" at the garden party in the film.
Arpie said:
Bullshot! said:
Airfix said:
24th of Foot, South Welsh Borderers - Nobody else has a major Hollywood epic made of them!
24th of Foot, but the South Warwickshires on the day of the battle. they became the SWB two years later.
2nd Warwickshires actually. Hence playing of "Warwickshire Lads" at the garden party in the film.
Really, you mean old Caine and Baxter were b/sing us in the film with the 'Welshness' of it all?

Stuff that! I'm changing my vote, Go Gloucester!
Aren't you all glad the Scottish regiments were not strictly 'County' regiments?? Though I think a 'City' regiment the old HLI (City of Glasgow Regiment) to name but one would beat all the afore mentioned in the kind of regimental d**k measuring contest that's going on right now!!!

Admittedly the Middlesex had the coolest nickname - 'Diehards' - to younger members Bruce Willis was not at the Battle of Albhuera.

Though I think the 93rd (Sutherland) Highlanders later 2nd Bn A&SH
epitomised the romantic image of British infantry being able to punch way above their weight and gained perhaps the most famous British Army nickname - 'The Thin Red Line'

Bill Slim thought of himself as a Gurkha when he was a Field Marshall!

I think the Royal Northumberland Fusiliers fielded the most Bns in WW1.

Damn one could go on and on. Many a barroom brawl over who has what and how many - just ask the KOSB and King's Regiment!
Die Hard, you could of course add the Middlesex Yeomanry to your list, with one Squadron wiped out at Karm in 1917 (1 VC and a bag full of other gongs), for which Earl Haig paid great tribute. Formed innumberable Imperial Regiments for the Boer, 1st and 2nd world wars, including becoming the forerunners of the LRDG. Doesnt have the history of the Die Hards but put Middlesex that further ahead. The Yeomanry of course, is still going, just.
Got to be YOUR county regiment no matter which one that happens to be although personally I don't think The North Staffordshire Regiment (The Prince of Wales's) can be beaten because I was in them and wore the Black Knot.
all infantry battalions.. to have to get out of cover and advance on to an
enemy thats slinging stuff at you thats likley to kill or it be bullets or spears..gets my vote.thats why i joined the least it was some protection.
The Parachute Regiment

After an extremely uneventful exercise in 1994 Pte ***** decides to jump on the counter of McDonald's Aldershot and dangle his testicles in the coke, clamping the ice cubes between each 'Love spud'.

Cue the coffee as an extra, cue the RMPs for a serious sense of humour failure.

14 days RPs for 20 mins work, plus paying for 5 civvies cokes.
I believe it to be true that the Royal Hampshire Regiment had the largest number of battle honours for a regiment that had not been amalgamated since 1881. I just counted 164 of them. However, from my avitar you will be corect in thinking me biased. I am open to correction on this matter.

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