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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by dennis10, Mar 7, 2009.

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  1. Nelson (not Mandela)

  2. Sir Winston

  1. There are a lot threads on arrse regarding how crap Britain's become. This is of course true, but it got me thinking about why Britain use to be so Great and who are our greatest heroes. I was always torn between Winston Churchill and Horatio Nelson. I now think Nelson is the greatest Briton ever. Anyone who loses sight in one eye, loses an arm and dies in battle has got to be one the greatest heroes of any country.

    The BBC made a documentary in 2002 called "100 Greatest Britons". The result is on wikipedia. Notable people in the top 10 include:
    1) Churchill (Achievement: Wartime leader who helped us win the war)

    3) Princess Diana (Achievement: Mother of Prince's William & Harry)

    8 ) John Lennon (Achievement: In a successful band)
    9) Nelson (Achievement: Greatest naval commander ever and died serving his country)

    These were voted for by the British public. I now concur that the reason Britain is so crap is because there are people in British society who vote for the likes of Diana and John Lennon.

    Who would you say is the greatest Briton ever?
  2. Thomas Paine. Pity we haven't got round to listening to him yet...
  3. I.K.B. and his ilk, dragging the world physically into the future for me. Check out clarkson on Brunel
  4. Bill Slim. May not be number 1 but he would be up there with them.

    And that's from a crab!
  5. Wellington and my dad, or my dads wellies.
  6. Trans-sane

    Trans-sane LE Book Reviewer

    Issac Newton or Charles Darwin. Brunel, Churchil, the Duke of Boots and Nelson were all great men- no arguments from me at all!!! But they were relatively local and short lasting in their effects. Newton and Darwin changed the world forever with their work. Physics maths and engineering would be completely different without Issac Newton. Theories of life, medcine and bio-sciences would be different without Darwin.

    Some might argue that many others had done a lot of similar work to Darwin. Indeed another scientist published similar finding simultaneously. Darwin's genious was in researching the subject in such breadth and depth. AND making the quantum leap in thought that made itself independant of the exisiting social and moral structures of the time (Eugenics had been comprehensively dismissed by the time Adolf made use of it. In Darwin's day it was in its heyday)
  7. Quentin Crisp

  8. Intellectually and for the effect that he had on society through his profound theory - Darwin.

    For political leadership when it was most needed - Churchill.

    For military leadership - too many to choose a clear winner from.

    Can I whack in another class - Great British Organisations? The Army (of course) almost always succeeds and is acknowledged as a global leader in its sphere, despite the best efforts of politicos to reduce its efficacy through parlous resourcing. And for its ability to be able to recruit and foster great Britons.
  9. The greatest ever Briton is not an individual but an archetype. It's just the ordinary bloke or blokess who gets up to work every day and slogs their guts out regardless to make a better life for their kids.

    Kings, Generals, politicians and philosophers are just window-dressing to that astounding act of workaday bravery and resilience.
  10. Llywelyn ap Gruffudd, got killed trying to kick you English out
  11. Bomber Harris?
  12. I'll raise you Oliver Cromwell
  13. That will teach you colonials not to get uppity then, won't it?
  14. war time leader Winston Churchill, after him it would have to be Thomas Telford, what a brilliant servant for Britain he was.