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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by FireAtWill, Jul 25, 2006.

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  1. Recently there was a poll to find Britain's greatest hero, i was shocked when i found out the results. Actor Sean Connery, best known for playing secret agent James Bond, has been voted the greatest British hero in the poll.
    Rower Steve Redgrave, who won a gold medal at five consecutive Olympic games between 1984 and 2000, was second, and television chef Jamie Oliver finished third.
    Singer and Africa campaigner Bob Geldof was fourth, and entrepreneur Richard Branson came fifth. They were followed by football star David Beckham and singer Robbie Williams.
    TV presenter and comedian Jonathan Ross, actor Ewan McGregor and Olympic gold medallist Kelly Holmes rounded out the top 10 of a 20-strong list.
    The survey was carried out by the British amusement park Thorpe Park, which plans to name seats on a new rollercoaster after the country's 20 favourite heroes.

    Surely britain's servicemen and women should of come 1st or at the very least top 5. No mention of the soldiers who fought in WW1&WW2 or any VC recipient.
    Sean Connery, Jamie Oliver, Bob Geldof, Jonathan Ross and David bloody Beckham WTF! and they are heroic because......?

    rant over.
  2. Bob Geldof isn't British. There must have been some mighty thick people answering that poll.
  3. Bad CO

    Bad CO LE Admin Reviews Editor Gallery Guru

    Surely it should be The Unknown Warrior ......

  4. Where was the poll conducted.

    At the end of the day whoever the pollster's were had a massive bearing on the outcome with choice of location and persons asked.

    I'm sure some of the Big Brother house were on the list somewhere.
    You ask chav then you get a chav response.
  5. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Beckham and Robbie Williams came in the top 20 when the BBC did 'Greatest ever Englishman'. It was at that time I threw our TV out the window, injuring the vicars dog.
  6. Is that


    Jamie Oliver D&V and Bar

    Sarcastic Moi?
  7. Fuming and speechless.

    And good call BCO.
  8. I second that

  9. So the people who answered the survey were visitors to Thorpe this time of Kids and grand parents...

    Must have been some Scum readers there as well...
  10. Well what do you expect from the TV addicts that populate the country?

    When the media acclaim a guy who sunk his own boat and had to be resuced "A hero" just for surviving what chance have the poor braindead Trisha/Oprah watching fucktards got?
  11. What a nation of arssehole's we've become to allow stars of song and screen to be appreciated as heroes!
    Even olympiads are stretching the point.
    What about true heroes - the one's who don't get massive pay cheques for playing kissball or entertaining plebs in front of the fcukwit box!
    What about the true heroes who lay there lives on the line either through their choice of career or through circumstance!

    I hate the twisted logic of some of my fellow countrymen - bunch of idiots who confuse fame with heroism! :x
  12. Definitions of hero!

    So by this definition only Bob Geldof qualifies - except that he:
    - Isn't British.
    - Chose a worthy but misguided cause that will only benefit the leaders of the most corrupt nations the world has possibly seen!

    However the rest of the shortlist deserve there place in TV Quick and gossip magazines. No doubt the spanners who voted for this lot all joined the campaign to free the Coronation Street 2 or some similarly ridiculous notion. :evil:
  13. R.J Mitchell.
  14. Douglas bader
  15. Pte Tomhas Atkins