Greater Manchester 'military-style' school proposed

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Afghan_Kandak, Sep 2, 2011.

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  1. Greater Manchester 'military-style' school proposed Free schools are state-funded but semi-independent and are similar to academy schools Continue reading the main story
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    Q&A: Free schools Troops latest 'mission' to teach Free schools 'divisive' says tsar Plans have been revealed for a free school staffed by former servicemen and women in Greater Manchester.

    The Centre for Policy Studies (CPS) said children could be taught using miltary-style discipline.

    The plan's authors claimed the school would "keep kids out of gang culture".

    Tom Burkard, from the CPS, said the proposed "Phoenix Free School" would use qualified and unqualified teachers, because "teacher training is basically training young people not to teach".

    A report called Something Can Be Done has been produced by Mr Burkard and serving officer Captain AK Burki.

    They said they would see what reaction the report received before submitting a bid to the Department for Education.

    Mr Burkard, a former school teacher and a military instructor, said: "You are told to be a learning facilitator and teach children to manage their own learning.

    "An undergraduate has enough trouble managing their own learning - take an illiterate pupil growing up in an inner-city estate, to expect them to manage their learning is in the realms of fantasy."

    'Enlisting enthusiasm'

    If the plans went ahead, Mr Burkard said the school would also use military-style discipline, which he said many people were opposed to because they did not understand it.

    "Most people in this country think of military discipline from the standpoint of what it was like under national service," he said.

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    Start Quote
    If there is no job for qualified teachers, why would we need any unqualified ones?”
    End Quote
    Ian Fenn

    Burnage Media Arts College
    "If you have to use your sticks all the time, you are doing something wrong.

    "The job of the officer and the NCO is to enlist the enthusiasm to perform difficult tasks under demanding circumstances.

    "We think these skills in being able to motivate those who come from difficult areas is the one quality which is going to keep kids out of gang culture."

    Free schools are state-funded but semi-independent and are similar to academy schools.

    No exact location for the proposed school has yet been put forward.

    Mr Burkard said his proposals were necessary because of dissatisfaction with existing schools.

    "I respect teachers, but with the amount of micro-management, they are unable to react to situations in the way they see fit," he said.

    "That's what wrong with our schools; we don't trust our teachers."

    'Deeply worrying'

    A similar project, called Troops To Teachers, has been run by the US Departments of Education and Defense for 18 years.

    Education Secretary Michael Gove has previously described the US system as an ideal example of the coalition government's concept of Big Society.

    However, Ian Fenn, head teacher of Burnage Media Arts College in Manchester, said he found the idea of having ex-military personnel as teachers "deeply worrying".

    "After World War II, there was a huge shortage of teachers and people from the military were trained up very quickly to fill the gaps," he said.

    "For the first time in my 30 years of teaching experience, we have a situation where there are graduates with PGCEs, good references and lots of experience who cannot get jobs.

    "If there is no place for these qualified teachers, why would we need any unqualified ones?"

    BBC News - Greater Manchester 'military-style' school proposed
  2. "If there is no place for these qualified teachers, why would we need any unqualified ones?"

    Because the "qualified" ones dont have an ounce of common sense to pass on to the kids, are generally left-wing tree-huggers, have no concept of discipline and respect and, whilst blaming the Govt and society for the way schools operate and school-kids are churned out dont have the balls or fibre to challenge it?

    Just a thought.
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  3. Indeed…

    I can remember back to the early 70's when we got this new trendy 20 something English teacher to replace the rather fierce old spinster who used to teach us and ruled us with a rod of iron.

    Hi, I'm Mr Davison, your new English teacher, you can call me Greg. I don't believe in the old fashioned idea that I'm your master, I want you to look upon me as your friend.

    We called him better than that and never took him seriously. His lessons were just a joke and he would spend the lessons desperately trying to control us bunch of rioting savages who he wanted to 'be his friend'.
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  4. Pardon me for expressing an outsider's point of view, but it seems to me that whenever some section of the community makes a **** of themselves the cry of "**** me, send in the army" goes up. Should the army ever decide to make ***** of themselves, who ya gonna call? Ghostbusters?
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  5. Sorry wrong thread
  6. "If there is no place for these qualified teachers, why would we need any unqualified ones?"

    "And remember kids! Bullshit baffles brains!"

    What a crock of shit.
  7. I think the military aspect of this new school has been overhyped. I doubt if they'll be beasting kids in the carpark, or making them do log runs around the playing fields.
    It sounds like the plan is to offer pupils a safe and disciplined learning environment, strong male role models, and some challenging sporting and extra curricular activities.

    Probably most of the teachers will bring some humour into the classroom with them and come with some cracking war stories. It will be salt in the PC teaching establishment's wounds if this new school is a success. There's no reason why British schools can't produce disciplined, self confident teenagers who are eager to learn and and are generally an asset to the community - even in the urban badlands.
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  8. BrunoNoMedals

    BrunoNoMedals LE Reviewer

    Burnage needs a ****ing military outpost anyway.
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  9. I'm of an age where most, if not all, of my teachers were junior school we had a wavy-navy teacher who served in WWII who was absolutely fantastic with geography. In secondary school we had another teacher who enthralled us with his tales of derring-do on the high seas and the other teachers ruled with a fair, but firm hand.

    Punishment?? Well, obviously the cane - but to get that you had to be really, really bad. Fantastic school, fantastic teachers and the quote "school days are happy days" rang very true. Pity the school is now a sports shop, but when I pass it wonderful memories of my school days come flooding back.

  10. How has the BBC and the Guardian reacted to this wind-up? Almost worth the commie indoctrination to find out.

    Free (or Independent schools) are hardly a new idea. Time was you had to be a high ranking socialist to be able to afford to send your kids there. Now the taxpayer will help. The big story here is that the state monopoly has been broken, which monopoly will get theirs next?

    I would have thought that a good mix of teachers would be the best solution for a school.
  11. Listening to the guy this morning on the radio he was more focused on ensuring that the kids could read and write and until they could do that there was not much point in moving onto other subjects. The people he wants to recruit would first be be trained in a method of improving literacy as a grounding to going onto other subjects. He was not a fan of the present teaching methods, self directed teaching, which he thought was pointless if you are not literate. He also said that there had been 3 studies in the US by reputable universities that said there was not a lot of difference in results between teachers who had been trained and those who had not. So the teacher having a teaching qual was not that important to the child's overall outcome.

    The counter to him from one of the teaching unions was hooked up on the teacher having a degree in the subject they were teaching and that you could not teach a subject unless you had a degree in it. I am sure this will be of news to most school as most teachers do not have a degree in the subject they teach. The one I am working with at the moment has hers in graphic design.

  12. Well a 'good' mix of teachers hasn't worked in 50yrs since I left school.You need discipline before you can get the little horrors to learn anything....
  13. At the risk of appearing to be a pervert, do free schools have the freedom to select punishments. That is, can they bring back the cane?
  14. X59

    X59 LE

    Joe public shouldn't expect kids to get beasted at this new type school.

    After all, the army stopped beasting recruits years ago, didn't they ?