Greater Manchester Loses Civilian and Frontline Staff

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Whet, Nov 15, 2010.

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  1. Over 1300 officers and 1500 civilian staff could go in Greater Manchesters rationalisation exercise. Worse though is that there will also be a recruitment freeze so more policing places could go.

    What was that promise again, no frontline . . . . . . ?
  2. Good.
    Its only Manchester, you can burn the whole ******* city down for all I care. Its not as if anybody would miss the shithole is it?
  3. If the remaining coppers don't have all the paperwork then it's a good start.
  4. PMSL...

    Seriously I doubt this will be the 'only' Force to announce these plans

    only the other day Southampton Council informed all their employee's take a 5% cut or lose jobs & managers to give up leave
    Southampton City Council job and pay cuts prompt threat of strike action (From Daily Echo)

    Whet: LibDems promised the world to the students until they found out the shocking truth of the state of the kitty
  5. There is an old and rather gory expression in Whitehall: “the parade of the bleeding stumps”. It describes how, when Civil Servants are asked to find savings, they tend to offer up the most unpalatable suggestions first. You ask Sir Humphrey to save a few quid. But instead of trimming back management costs, top of the list he will offer you are the most politically excruciating items to cut: the subsidies for small fluffy animals; the essential services for kindly grannies. Thus, many a minister has been deterred from ever making spending cuts.
  6. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    If Manchester are going to get rid of about 25% of the police, then they might as well get rid of 25% of the court and crown prosecution staff as well as they will have 25% fewer crims to process.
  7. do one !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. The Force is strong with you(sorry, could'nt help it). Strathclyde and Surrey are doing the same thing.
  9. IIRC So is Hampshire WW

    However I do see the Recruitent for Specials/Volunteers in certain area's is still ongoing so even with limited hours I suspect CC's will have to manage HR better

    Btw, witty WW witty...
  10. Think Surrey are handling it differently though...if I remember correctly they are getting rid of officers near retirement age and not having a recruitment freeze. Can't see that having a dramatic effect on "frontline services". Of course I can't remember offhand how much of a percentage they needed to cut so I might be doing a disservice to Manchester's predicament.

    Oh and WW you see a film line in everything. :nod:
  11. I would be interested to know how much admin staff is in line for redundancy.
  12. Thank you! I'm here all week - two drink minimum!
  13. But it's for the Greater Good! Yarp?
  14. The government have not said that X amount of police officers/jobs must go. It is up to the individual constabularies to decide where and how the cuts are made.

    In my opinion, they are making these grandiose announcement of huge cuts in order to scare the government into limiting the extent of the budget cuts. We all know the police CAN make cuts.