Great WW2 Museum close to Calais

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by fantassin, Sep 2, 2009.

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  1. Next time you are off the ferry or chunnel in Calais, try to drive about 20 clicks South to the village of Ambleteuse.

    There you will find the 1939-1945 museum on over 800 Sq.metres. Well worth a visit, a lot of very rare german stuff (all nations represented) and some truly unique pieces like german regimental flags or an extremly rare W-SS camouflage coverall. (in English)
  2. Being in France, does it cover how to most rapidly surrender too?
  3. Most welcome. Do make sure you check the opening dates before since it is closed for about six month of the year (the owners are two fanatics and they both have a "real job" too...). The museum is very rich on the german side but all significant armies of WW2 are covered.
  4. ah, are you on about that war from 1941-45, World War Two?
  5. Me and a couple of mates are planning a' Road to berlin' expedition across europe next year, following 21st Army group's route across europe from normandy to germany,may well add this to the itinery! If only we could get a Sherman or a Bren gun carrier for a vehicle...
  6. Interesting that no mention seems to be made of the struggles of the British Army in Calais, may 1940 who kept Guderian et al at bay, giving the BEF time to evacuate Dunkirk.

    The only time in the war that Churchill gave the order to fight to the last man, the last bullet. KRRC, QVR et al; a mainly Territorial actiopn, and of vital importance. Top book by the laye Airey Neave - Flames of Calais.
  7. If you haven't been there before, there's a great, slightly eccentric, little private museum in Falaise very near William the Bastard's gaff.


    When I was there last, they were just driving this back in from a full restoration.



    It's not a big museum but well worth the time to visit.
  8. There are quite a few interesting museums near calais.

    There is a museum in Calais itself, in an old German command bunker by the town hall - the building with the err bell ended tower...

    The Atlantic Wall Museum at Audinghen near Wissant is based in the massive Battery Todt. You can also see the bunkers built to provide local defence all around the musuem.

    A bit furthur down the coast the town of Montreuil currently has an exhibition on the BEF in Montreui in its town musuem. The BEF took over the town as Haig's HQ from 1916 onwards. The town is a nice town anyway and the citedal still has the BEF HQ telephoine exchange.

    The big cemetery at Etaples is worth a visit.
  9. That V3 system at Mimoyecques is worth a visit - was a huge series of tunnels containing gun barrels pointing at London. Got twatted via a Tallboy raid which buried most of the slave workers alive. Still....If they can't take a joke....they shouldn't have joined.