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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Viking_D, Apr 11, 2010.

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  1. Good day.

    I am a regular infanteer looking to up my game yet more, possibly with a view to doing LRRCC in the winter.

    Having flown a desk for a few months, I'm dying to get some weight on my back. I'm not nervous about doing this again, but I want to do this as well and effectively as possible, becoming the best I have ever been with weight.

    I'm looking for a progression plan that I can carry out solo in the run up to my next posting. Any links, tips, programs that you know of?

    I look forward to hearing your responses,

  2. Cant help but this is also relevant to my interests.
  3. BBear

    BBear LE Reviewer

    Me too.
  4. couldn't you just go to the gym and speak to a PTI?
  5. No- bn ain't back off tour yet. And don't even get me started on how I'm missing a tour!!! :x
  6. Just the obvious, mate: start very light and build up slowly. As to specific programs, Adrian Weale's book Fighting Fit had various programs, including at least one for Selection. Might be worth looking for it on Amazon etc.

    Good luck! :D
  7. I dont have a structured program mate, but I personally started running home twice a week (6 miles and all up hill) from work in trainers and carrying a daysack. The first couple of weeks my daysack contained my daily kit of a suit, shirt, shoes wash and shave kit etc. Gradualy I added more and more kit over the weeks, building up to 20lbs.

    Once I broke the 20lbs weight limit, I switched to boots instead of trainers to provide ankle support. I then gradually increased the weight over several weeks to 40lbs. Once I hit this point, I took the longer route home (9 miles) and dropped back to 20lbs. Again over the coming weeks, I then worked my way back upto 40lbs.

    I suppose from my perspective it was a relatively easy and steady way of doing it because.

    A: I was running home, so whether I was up for tabbing that day or not I didnt really have a choice - I had to get home.

    B: My 9 mile route took me around Arthurs Seat and Holyrood Palace in Edinburgh, so the route was both challenging and stunning.

    C: I wasnt in a rush, so I built this level of fitness over several weeks and in turn didnt get a single injury or have problems with my ankles/knees.

    I also took my kids hillwalking in the Pentland Hills at the weekends with our dog. Obviously there was no running involved and it was just a steady plod, but if we done a short route Id load my bergan with 50-60lbs and just get accustomed to carrying the weight. If we done a longer route, my youngest daughter used to stand in my bergan and Id tab it out with her on my back (I sh*t you not).

    Personally I just tried to use everyday opportunities to get some weight on my back.
  8. Going against the grain with this one but what worked best for me was starting off with the weight right from the beginning (rather than increase over a period), but with an increase in distance, hills and speed over time as the fitness improved.
  9. The booties have quite a good function on their website to knock up training regimes based on your level of fitness; it's aimed at those about to do the PRMC or POC but it might be of use to you: Get fit to apply

    Plus if you're out of practice with living in the field I'd get some in, as you'll probably be spending at least a month or so out in the field on the LRRCC.

    Edit: here's the details for that and every other cse under the sun if anyone else's interested.
  10. Spenny has illustrated the perfect way to train with weight.

    Add the weight gradually at one distance and then drop the weight down, add distance and then start building the weight up again.
  11. Cheers for the tips here fellas, esp Spenny. I am incorporating this man's advice in conjunction with some metcon (metabolic conditioning) techniques that I have learned from crossfit classes. I will do these also with weight, perhaps.... Burpees with daysack, anyone?