Great way to be up to date on current affairs

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by OCS001, May 7, 2009.

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  1. After meeting with my ACA, he recommended buying the magazine called "the week", it does seem like a very useful magazine, does anyone here read it?

    edited to change the name of the mag as noted below :roll:
  2. You might want to try "The Week".
  3. reading the Economist is probably just as good an idea.
  4. If you get the chance, dip into the FT every day - read the UK, World and Comment sections as they cover just about everything going on in the world with lots of facts, decent analysis and not much in the way of bias.
  5. Private Eye - might as well start cynical, you'll get there eventually.
  6. Yes I do and found it really helpful for the main board but you cant rely on it completly you need to read over things as well
  7. But don't read "The Weak"; you'll fail the fitness tests.
  8. I rank "The Week" pretty highly as an informative magasine aswell. Just don't buy it after which point it's already at least 4days out of date with current affairs.
  9. - I study International Relations and can recommend 'The Week' - it's essentially a student version of The Economist.

    - Watch Newsnight - it's available on iPlayer so you can watch it at your leisure.

    - The Telegraph is the best paper out to my mind - and offers a great mobile phone website (my favourite way to kill time on the move).

    The best way to get your current affairs up to scratch, is to really care about them - there are some exciting things happening in the world.

    When you put Sky/BBC News on whilst you get breakfast every morning, because it's something you really enjoy, you'll be doing good. The hardest part is getting the basic framework of International Relations/Affairs - once you understand the basics then reading and learning is fascinating.