Great War Portraits

Just spotted this book being puffed on the BBC website...
BBC Review

"Great War Portraits is a photographic record of veterans Keith Collman met on trips to the battlefields, visits to their homes and at reunions compiled over the last twenty-five years.

The book includes over forty veterans. Each portrait has a brief description of their service, many with touching and intriguing short stories from their wartime experiences and the meeting with the photographer." (taken from the official website).

The book contains pictures of Alf Razzell (8th Bn Royal Fusiliers) whose interview was used by Roger Waters in The Ballad of Bill Hubbard on his album Amused to Death.

Alf talks about trying to rescue Bill from no-man's land but Bill's wounds were so severe he couldn't be moved. Alf is heard saying that he felt terribly guilty about leaving him there and that this burden was only eased when he saw Bill's name on a memorial at Arras...67 years later.

Thanks for the link. I find Alfs story about Bill Hubbard very moving. The interview of Alf, used by Roger Waters, is from a BBC 1986 Doco called Game of Ghosts. Roger Waters lost his Grandfather during the prep for the battle of Arras. Alf's story about his chum Bill is also well covered towards the rear of the book "Cheerful Sacrifice" by Jon Nicolls, a very good book covering the battle of Arras. I am a fequent visitor to the Arras memorial and always make a point of looking up at Bill Hubbards name.

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