Great War history pre 2nd Ypres

Apart from general readers, my books about the Great War seem to start in Apr '15. Any recommendations for the books that cover the BEF during the period from the start of the war; through the retreat?
Some of the Osprey publishing books are quite good, I`ve got Campaign 058 First battle of Ypres 1914, theres also Campaign 049 Mons 1914, and Essential histories 014 WW1 1914-1916 Western Front. They`re surprisingly concise and also have some interesting photos and artwork.
I very strongly recommend Richard Holmes' "Riding the Retreat".

Had the privilege of hearing him talk on this subject at the Swindon Western Front Association some years ago, and picked up a signed copy of the book -- well worth a read.

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Mons Star by David Ascoli as reccommended by Waltonthemildside above is a fantastc read and full of facts and figures. I can also thoroughly reccommend "Ypres: The first battle 1914" by Ian Beckett and Lyn Macdonalds book "1914". JM Craster "Fifteen Rounds a minute - the Grenadiers at war 1914" is also a good read.
Good personal accounts including 1914 actions are:

Old Soldiers Never Die - Frank Richards DCM, MM
There is a devil in the Drum - J Lucy

Happy reading!


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