Great use of MoD cash?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by rabid_hamster, May 8, 2005.

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  1. The Ministry of Defence has paid for a former RAF senior aircraftswoman to become a pole dancer.
    Stephanie Hulme, 23, was funded to take up the profession after completing five years' service.

    Her training was carried out through an RAF resettlement and training programme which reportedly cost over £2,000 over four weekends.

    The move has allowed her to pursue a career as a pole dancer at a club in London.

    Training bill

    Miss Hulme, who spent time as a senior aircraftswoman at RAF Aldergrave near Belfast, filled in an application form towards the end of her service stating that she wished to take up a course in pole dancing.

    She told the Mail on Sunday: "I got the idea after a bit of banter with one of my mates and when I decided to leave I started looking into what it involved.

    "Then one of my friends said I should ask the MoD to pay for the training.

    "I was very surprised when it was approved - I didn't think it would be."

    According to the paper, the bill for her training came to £2,100 and it was met under the RAF's resettlement programme.

    Under MoD regulations, servicemen and servicewomen are entitled to retraining through a grant programme after they have completed five years' service.

    A spokesman added: "The point of making this grant available is to improve their employment opportunities once they complete their service.

    "What they choose to do is a matter for them as long as it is legal."

    Miss Hulme now pole dances under the professional name Kitty at a club in Mayfair called For Your Eyes Only.
  2. Having frequented said establishment I can say that it was money well spent. Saying that, the girls earn a fortune anyway.

  3. Good girl, so what if the cash was spent on pole dancing. It was entirely legal!

    Right, Dui-lai takes note about pole dancing lessons for resettlement 8O
  4. Good girl. Resettlement grants are there for good reason. If she's got the talent to be good at her chosen new profession, good luck to her. I don't see the difference between how she chose to develop her new career and somebody who elects to do, say, plumbing or small business accounting.

    Unless someone can put forward a realistic argument for either ending resettlement, or limiting what resettlement grants could be spent on (and I'd wish you the best of luck with coming up with one for either), then I would say that looking after our servicemen and women who have chosen to leave the service is right and proper, and they have earnt the right to financial assistance, nomatter what they choose to (legally) do on leaving.
  5. Beats the many hords who did "Fibre optics" etc courses and ended up on the dole!!

    Well done!
  6. It was a grant for re-settlement and she ended up with a job. I can't see a problem with that at all. A much bigger waste of money is the female soldiers getting a boob job at MoD expence after complaining that they suffered from 'low self esteem'. What a load of bollox that is!
  7. Agreed!
  8. Wouldn't mind a couple more inches, whats the chances? For self-esteem of course, and the party tricks. :D
  9. You're a pig Dale so don't get any ideas. Unless the BAttery Bar has an opening for a pole dancer.
  10. An RAF Supply Sgt also had a boob job payed for by the mob for the same reason. We all reckon she should have opted for a slightly smaller chest and splashed a few quid on her grid, proper rough she was.

    Then again its not quite as bad as the two RAF aircrewman who have had sex changes (paid for by the mob) but as a result of the operations they could no longer carry out their primary duties. So not only did the MoD pay for the ops but all that money spent training them to be aircrew went down the pisser too.

  11. how can any of the ugly useless f****** slags complain about not feeling valued :evil: ha - I love irony (it's like goldy and silvery but made of iron).
  12. Ah Mizz Kitty nice name for a girl in a cat house.
  13. I'm slightly more worried that you can get a qualification for Pole-danceing...
  14. What ever happened to the REME ASM who re-roled as a no-knob? That's the trouble with tabloids, they print all the good stuff but never follow the stories up!! Like that bloke who masqueraded as a female or was it the other way around? We need to know..
  15. Yeah makes you wonder about the ergonomics and carpal tunnel issues.

    Poor girl!