Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by GNR40, Sep 6, 2009.

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  1. I have just taken over as TM at the same regiment I joined as a TA soldier way back in the early 80's. I have to say it's great to be back in my own neck of the woods. Although a 'culture shock' initially I am slowly getting my head around phrases such as MTD's, C1 Training and the dreaded budget cuts. I have to thank the guys and girls in the regiment for doing what they do and to all who have helped me settle in. We're just back from a great weekend in Swynerton (what a place) and the feedback I have heard and hard graft I witnessed is very positive. So, to those who turn up regularly, cheers for your motivation and willingness to learn. To those who have not showed for a time (for whatever reason), why not give it a try again and see how you feel.
  2. Speak up, old chap. I thought you said "showered".
  3. Good for you Sir! :D Lovely to hear that other rejoiners from the eighties in the TA have some optimism and drive too. Sadly on Arrse, this seems to be positively frowned upon by some as anyone who joined pre-2001 as being an anachronistic 'cold war warrior' with nothing to offer the new boys who, apparently, know it all :roll: (please note the heavy irony and sarcasm - see mojo in overdrive thread for an explanation - rant over). Good luck with your new role Gnr40! :)
  4. What is a TM when it's at home?
  5. I had ASSUMED that it was training major...... :?
  6. Oh.. nice one...
  7. Aw come on this is a wind up. A sc scu scuuuuuu ..... Man Utd fan from the North West, you could have found a better cover storey. Totally unbelievable.
  8. This Man Utd you speak of....this is one of those football association teams that plays that nancy boys game of football I believe... yes?
  9. Ref TM, spot on Old Colt and thank you. Polar, I can assure you it's gen up. Not many believe a Manchester born bloke can follow the Reds, but there you go, i've always been one to buck a trend. Besides, it winds up my mates.
  10. No problem....its still a p00fs game though! :wink:
  11. In the name of all that's holy don't call it a Padre's game...
  12. Now I know it's a wah. A gunner major with friends. Who does he think we are? :)
  13. You actually know Man Utd play in Manchester area???? Wonders never cease
  14. Welcome back, Sir.!

    V. impressed with the intro letter sent out to the regiment written right from the heart I thought and will hopefully encourage a few more to poll up for Training this weekend.

    See you on the burning plains of Altcar :D