Great South Run - Place Going Spare

Afternoon all

I have a spare place going free for the Great South Run on 30 Oct if anyone's up for it? I am not looking for payment but if you want the place you'll have to move quickly as I have the bib number and details which will need to be posted (or collected).

Drop me a PM - first come best dressed.


I presume by now you have got rid of your entry place but if not just wondered where in the country you are in
case we could collect it.

I am already entered and wasn't going to run it but decided last minute today I'm going to do it but my friend
wants to run it too and I could really do with her support as I haven't trained properly at all!




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Medium White....shame you missed about as good as it gets, grey,mild drizzly !. Me and .dolly (no not that one) ran it wearing our Combat Stress shirts ( though not sponsored) and staggered round in a not too dusty 1:33-ish. :judge: ....good day.

The Portsmouth Samba were on EXCELLENT form, good support from the scu - good citizens of Pompey all the way round.....big hats-off to the two RN clearance divers who were doing it in EOD suits....and the guys yomping in bergens and boots....and FunkyGibbon spotted in the margins......

Coulda done without the rendering of 'when Irish eyes are smiling' at the Start...but he did okay with 'Nessun Dorma'.....

Had to laugh at the tall guy wearing a SAINTS shirt as he ran past Portsmouth's First Team player Linvoy (Prival?) as he was taking his bow with the deluded denizens of Eastney....

And the Guinness in the ' Red, White & Blue' is spotty dog ( but Fratton is without doubt on a par with Shirley as a vacation spot).....and the Jelly Baby Strategy is a winner - but we'll take the ferry from Gosport next time ...... and I'll spot .dolly lunch in Cafe Rouge in Gunwharf, just for turning up.....(ssshhh - do not mention this to her...that girl 'll go anywhere for free pint of vin de table maison...).

All in all, had worse runs around Portsmouth.....any other Arrsers make it ?


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