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Years ago I worked on a hidden camera show called 'Surprising Stars'. The idea being that we would invite celebrities to take part in a fictitious event and then.... Wait for it... Set them up with an amusing scenario whilst capturing the hilarious outcome on hidden cameras. Hence 'Surprising...Stars'.

The only surprising aspect of the whole sorry business was that ITV had actually commissioned the show in the first place.

Without fail the c listers saw through the flaky plot and embarrassingly would point out the cunningly disguised cameras.
The producer would then have to emerge from the 'nerve centre' and persuade the bemused celebrity to play along. In most cases when they found out it was airing on prime time ITV they would agree (frankly they would have agreed to attempt self-felatio to secure the slot). The only one who didn't ping the set up was that DIY cockney bloke off of Ground Force. He must have been as thick as mince because one of the 'actors' kept complaining loudly about his earpiece feeding back / squealing but even me and the sound recordist laughing our tits off from the 'hide' didn't tip him off.
i wish I could claim it was worst show I've ever worked on

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