great send off dan duell

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by joblue, Jun 8, 2013.

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  1. Dan Duells send off was one the Army should be very proud of.

    After an extremely moving service at Wimbourne Minster, with tributes from his two sons Oliver and Alex, whom he would of been very proud of. His friends also made tribute to Dan and moved everybody in there, they played the last post, and had 21 gun salute.

    Dan and his dad would have been up there loving every minute of it, it was a service fit for the humble , gentleman my brother was. It was an extremely tough day for his mum, she is 81, and not prepared to bury one of her children,at one point we didn't know wether we should turn back as she was getting more poorly as the journey went on, considering it took almost 7 hours to get down to dorset.

    She coped very well , Dan would have been proud of her stamina. I was hoping that she would have received some of the flowers people had promised they were sending as this would have meant a great deal to her, and would have gone some way to helping her cope . But I guess with the momentum of life, things don't go as hoped. I must say the one thing that ruined it for my mum and the me was that his ex wife was there with noseemingly sense of remorse at all, well I knew she wouldn't but mum didn't realise who she had turned into since cheating... sorry not the place to bring this up but dan would understand....I hope .
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  2. My condolences and sympathy. The pain of grief and sorrow will pass in time and you will be left with happy memories of the fun times and shared moments.
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  3. thanks jim_research,
    I hope so, I am caught up in the bitterness of his ex wife atm, knowing what I do, she has upset the wholefamily with her behaviour and I just keep thinking about the good times we all had with dan takes our mind off this subject, i will pass on your condolences to my mum .
    thank you again
  4. You will have no idea who I am and I have no wish to cause you any additional grief. But I had the pleasure to meet your brother when he was in Hereford and then again when I returned from working in Asia in 2011
    He was the loveliest of men and it was with extreme shock I learned of his death today. I have tried several times to email him and they just bounced back - now I know why. He will always be in my heart and I am so sad I will never be able to tell him how I have thought of him.
    We met at a time that neither of us was in a good place after ex partners betrayals and he was the greatest of gentlemen I have ever known. I have never been asked so nicely for a kiss as by your brother I only wish we could have met at a different time. He was as you will know one in a million and I send you my deepest sympathy Elizabeth
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  5. Hi lizzy, thank you so much for your kind words , he certainly is missed by everyone , it's a shame his ex wife became comfortable after his death. I'm waiting for karma to take effect . Thanks again for your message it means a lot .
    Take care
    Jo x
  6. I am sure it will catch up with her one day - I hated the pain she caused Dan he deserved only the best
    I am so sorry I didn't know sooner I would have wanted to pay my respects but he knew I had the deepest love and respect for him he was the perfect gentleman and I feel privileged to have known him - take care too x
  7. Thanks huni, I've given up trying to find out what medals Dan achieved , as I need a death certificate to get info, perhaps I should get on my Ouija board lol , shame they broke the mould with Dan , stay in touch and take care xx
  8. How are you coping? It must be hard
    I know we have never met but I still think of your brother daily as I know you will - he meant a great deal to me and I have some lovely memories of him
    I'm sorry if emailing you is painful I just have nobody else I can tell how saddened I am never to speak to him again
  9. She's not been online since November 15, is this really the best place to get in touch? Try other means or you may be typing to nobody.