Great Running,Swimming and Bodyweight workouts

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by nel88, Sep 18, 2009.

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  1. Well im pleased to say that I passed selection on tuesday and got a grade B :D

    Now thats done I would like to set myself a proper training program and well this is where i'd like a bit of assistance from you chaps and ladies. I don't use the gym just bodyweight exercises, I run and I have a local swimming pool that I now want to encorporate into my plan (however I don't no any good workouts in the pool).

    So could you guys who dont mind give a little advice on what workouts will get me up to a good level of fitness for when I arrive at catterick and I will build my training program around them, which I will duely start this monday coming.

    Thank you
  2. Well done on passing selection mate. Got mine very soon! I'm currently on week 4 of this program:
    Although i'm not joining the paras, I want to get to that level of fitness which should stand me in good stead for selection and hopefully phase 1 if i pass. The program already has me running up to 8 miles, and there is a good mix of circuit/fartlek/interval training. However there are not really that many gyms sessions in the program so i'm doing a 'starting strength' regime which you can search on google. I do that mon,wed,fri. I don't train in swimming so can't help you out there, I do boxing instead.

    Hope this helps.
  3. Cheers nighters i'll be encoporating parts of that into my training program.Apologies for trying to be lazy so im going to do some research and just post on this thread a few of the training programmes i'll be using in order to build my new training program.

    Bodyweight Workouts-





    Tabata Circuit Training-
    It's not hard to put together this routine so use, squats,press-ups,lunges,star jumps,burpees and tri-cep dips to start with.

    Something I am very guilty of neglecting

    Good Nutrition-

    Hope this helps :D
  4. That tabata looks lethal, I'll give that a whirl tomorrow!
  5. No dramas mate hope it helps