Great rack? Or not?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Pyianno, Mar 5, 2012.

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  1. Madeleine Grant librarian contest: Oxford University student boasts 'I have a great rack' | Mail Online

    "It’s a role which conjures the image of a demure character charged with ensuring a hushed silence in one of England’s great centres of learning.

    So it is little surprise that Oxford University student Madeline Grant’s bid to win an election to become a librarian by claiming ‘I have a great rack’, has provoked such disquiet.

    The English undergraduate has been accused of a ‘sexist’ attempt to sway votes when she wrote on her manifesto for Union Librarian: ‘I don’t hack, I just have a great rack.’

    She also said she was ‘committed to helping members pull’"

    Doesn't look that great to me:

  2. Gopping, horrible, slut! I'm back off to the Katie Price thread!
  3. Is it a tranny?
  4. I love pert tits,me.

    Where do I vote?
  5. Twat.I thought this was going to be about spare ribs,instead you post a picture of some flat chested horror.I say again......TWAT.
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  6. There's a better rack on the back of my push bike!
  7. RI, Pert? Pert? They have to exist in the first place to be pert! Why she even bothers to wear a bra is beyond me (although maybe she just didnt want to be photographed topless).

    I probably would, but only on a slow night.
  8. I would
  9. They don't look great but I'd be happy to spend a few hours of further research with the lady to make sure.
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  10. Yeah but blokeonabike, she's holding her arms above waist height. Studies have shown that this decreases up to 43% of breastage by stretching and pulling the target area away from the bra-zone.
  11. Sorry I thought this was a thread about Prince Harry.
  12. She's got a body like a 10-year-old boy and a face like a slapped arse.

    Oh, go on then.
  13. Disappointed thought this was going to be about great gun racks.
  14. That's a nasty, dirty off-white bra there...I'd make sure she had a good shower first.

    What is it with modern-day Oxbridge undergrads trying to prove they're not toffs by acting like some kind of Ibiza Club-Ho'? I my day, the best thing about St Hilda's girls was that you knew a raving nympho was lurking only inches below the glossy veneer of respectability and horseyness...
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  15. Looks like a Crack whore.....