Great PR for Corps

Discussion in 'REME' started by balloonhead29, Sep 20, 2007.

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  1. Well done to those guys in DEME(A) who thought to advertise the Corps during the RWC. Im not sure who the team is but our TRF's look great for all of the world to see.

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  2. Its Romania, or is this a wah?
  3. MUPPET!!
  4. Well need some after the last week or so eh?
  5. We have a winner!!!!!!!
  6. Well spotted balloon, is he going to get crated for having it on the wrong arm :? :wink:
  7. Was at the game... they had some massive REME flags there too. Well done to the Edinburgh RRT!!
  8. They have it on both arms, same as on our No2's.....
  9. WTF are you on about, the REME TRF goes on the right arm above your DZ flash and lads here also have their wings above the TRF if qualified (or not qualified in one case :roll: ) The Brigade badge and union flag goes on the left arm along with the dettol badge for those commando trained lads. Walking round the brigade a lot of the lads look like cub scouts with the ammount of flashes/badges o their arms.

    My statement about the Romanian players having their flag colours on the left arm (thats identical to the REME TRF) was a joke but til stands.

    Not seen any of my REME lads with TRF's on their No 2's yet though :?
  10. Wah!!! :D :D

    As Sparky8 would say "We have another winner!"

    Totally agree with the cub scout thing though.
  11. Not only does he have it on the wrong arm, it is also the wrong way round...i.e blue to the back...have eyes like a hawk me!! :)
  12. Ah good spot Methilman but there is a reason that our TRF is done that way. You see, the home of the Corps is Arborfield near Reading. I have it on good authority that we have them with the "Red in" towards the body to remind us of our roots.