Great North Run in aid of Help for Heroes

Hello Chaps & Ladies,

Im going to be doing the Great North run this year, and running it for Help for Heroes. Im not looking at this moment to plug an ad for any sponsorship money.

Just to see if any other ARRSE members are doing the GNR this year, and what charities they may be running it for.

Also, what kind of time frame should i be expecting my race number and timing chip to arrive in the post before the race day (5th October 08)?
Geordie_g, if you set up a Paypal account, it would simplify things, however, like so many things it has pitfalls, such as only being able to transfer cash to bank over a minimum amount (£50 IIRC)
I was just looking at using the website for pure ease, then spam the hell out of my email at work.

Im not actually enlisted yet, i mean my visit to ADSC Glencorse is start of September.

Though I have ran it before just for being able to say i have done it. This time i want to do it for a worthwhile charity.

Dont anyone even think about starting on the whole "well your not even in the army yet"

I do have selection coming up, i do have friends in the army now, and all i want to do is support a worthwhile charity that is close to a lot of peoples hearts in here.
Obviously someone from here has sponsored me allready, all i can say is thankyou, and i hope to see more :)
Done in a rather slow 2hrs 20min.

But ready and looking forward to my selection at glencorse in 8 days.
Congrats, g_g, at least you done the run.

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