Great news from Captain Hook!!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by india-juliet, Mar 14, 2006.

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  1. What excellent news is coming across from Aunty, Abu Hamza has decided to go on hunger strike. I do hope Prison Officials respect he's wishes!!! :twisted:
  2. could do with a weight loss plan the fat fecker mind you can't say he's got caught with his fingers in the pies no w can we?
  3. Kind of a late chriatmas present, would be a terrible shame if he croaks
  4. sorry CHRISTMAS Head and hands are not talking to each other
  5. I feel, unlike our colonial cousins, we should allow him to stick to his hunger strike unhindered. There are several advantages to this tactic...

    His family and friends outside the prison will not be able to use the fact that he is being force fed as evidence of his torture or that his wishes are not being adheared to on any religious grounds. This should make them very happy and feel that they are being treated with the respect any human being deserves.

    There will be a short time saving on food, and if he sticks to it, a long term saving in food, clothing and accommodation costs to the tax payer. This could be seen as a very small step towards paying back the vast ammount that he and his family have sapped off the taxpayer while he preached his hatred of that very same welfare system.

    If he takes the hunger strike to it's conclusion he will shut up. This silence will prevent him from being brought up on similar charges again. This will again save the tax payer a small fortune and the legal system a lot of time.

    Seems to me that everyone's a winner.
  6. I think it's very very important that we let this muslim carry out his wishes.

    If this terrorist dies while on hunger strike I'll donate a f*ck it make that a tenner to Combat Stress.
  7. Better get some Bobbie Sands song sheets printed?
  8. Tenner from me too
  9. Is it wrong to make bacon sarnies under his window? :twisted:
  10. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Book Reviewer Kit Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Of course it is - so just cook the bacon slowly (not on a hexy stove as that might take some of the aroma away), let the aroma permeate the atmosphere, let it get nice and crunchy, then flog to the screws who are also slavering at the gate. To enhance the wave of grease wafting over the nick, add some bacon grill from the old (out of date) rat packs - that should do it.
  11. Missing his lunch because it was minging is hardly a hunger strike.
  12. perhaps we could offer him bacon and pork meals to persuade him to break his hunger strike :lol: if does that , then he is no longer a muslim :twisted:
  13. Maybe one of the screws could slip some ground glass in Hookies mash potato.
  14. Don't worry, Hanza's hands haven't spoken to him for a long time...

    (Sorry, couldn't resist it!) :wink:
  15. Lets start a book on how long he last. looking at the tubby fcuker I reckon he will be tucking into his scoff like a Beeb on cake by lunch time the 16th.