Great news for some Arrsers!

Huzzah! It can't be long until cunt punching becomes legit.
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Hmmm so this was about what a person did in the privacy of their own home.

Private emails were intercepted - legislation which has not yet put into law... or even gone to second reading

Boris after declaring that he had a right to a private life after he was caught shagging his secretary - sacked this man because of the contents of his private email

This solicitior prosecuted police officers for corruption - successfully

He didn't hide away as was expected but fought this openly - in a similar way to George Michael when he was caught cottaging.

The practices depicteed may be offensive to some people - but it has nothing to do with the state and this whole case needs some careful investigation to see what was really going on.

Nice One.
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shows what you know! Crisco is a solid at room temp, the yanks use it a lot in pastry making. In europe its main use appears to be for the use of inserting large objects to tight spaces.
So you have to heat it up before you pour it in your mudbutton? So that's where I've been going wrong.


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I thought I was quite knowledgable about many things, but could somebody please explain this quote to me:

"He admitted taking three of the images, of urethral sounds being inserted into a man's penis"

Quite frankly, my mind is boggled and I feel utterly beige right now!
I'd refer you to 'Happybonzo'

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