Great News for Drivers on the M 27!

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by Airfix, Feb 18, 2008.

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  1. Yes folks, those lovely people who brought you the average speed cameras between Fareham/Pompey through the road works are also bringing you average speed cameras just before Rownhams going east and onto the M3 and further along the M27 towards Eastleigh/Pompey.

    The yellow posts are up, cameras expected ASAP and rumour control (my mate at Plod) says the cameras will link up between Southampton and Pompey/Havant...

    Thank fcuk for cruise control - Happy Mondays!
  2. Yep, and they're also about to start digging the whole thing up...again.

    Happy days are here again!
  3. Just as a side note to this, the average speed cameras on the m1, between j28 and 25 have now been turned on, oh joy.
  4. Must be coming up to the holiday season then! Am sure the planners only go away in winter so they don't have to put up with all the crap they dream up as "road network improvements" that the rest of us have to sit and look at as we venture on our leisure breaks!!!!! :evil:
  5. Not condoning such behavior, but could some one please wander past with a decent angle-grinder and diamond cutting blade, or failing that a thermite collar at the base. Not sure detcord would do the trick.

  6. TMS
    Good plan, i evan thought of doing it myself, buuut the whole section is covered by cctv, with some very bored blokes watching it at all times.
  7. Hmmm, is there way to enter the 'observed area' in balaclava and boiler suit, placed charge(s) and extract to outside cctv coverage, ditch/hide/burn clothing and retire for medals and cake?

  8. Or alternitavely, pay some other little cnut to do it ;)
  9. [align=center]!!!UPDATE!!![/align]

    The Cameras mentioned below are now fitted and, presumably, working.

    Speed limit set at 50 mph, cameras average to 55 mph I'm told.


  10. Get around the cctv's by using a massive EMP device as seen on Oceans 11. Funnily enough, I know where to get my hands on one. :roll:
  11. Update, the signal cabling for the camera's runs ABOVE GROUND across the bridges and along the verge. It is prime for cutting (hint hint). Look for the purple plastic ducting.
  12. Perhaps a nice mix of ANFO would do the jobbie even quicker?
  13. Builders expanding foam into cameras
    Cling film over camera lenses
    bolt croppers to cctv ducting cables :twisted:
  14. Just have to add:
    Camera bungle lets drivers speed away

    Average speed cameras on the westbound M27

    Reckless drivers cannot be caught breaking the speed limit on a stretch of motorway because speed cameras have been put in the wrong place.
    A spectacular bungle by highways managers means the so-called yellow vultures hovering over the eastbound stretch of the M27 have not yet been switched on.

    This is almost two weeks after they were installed to make sure no-one drove at more than 50mph through the roadworks taking place to install an extra lane.

    The mistake means motorists driving too quickly within yards of roadworkers are going unpunished.

    But motorists have been warned they still face being caught breaking the law despite the camera bungle because police patrols will operate on the road.

    The new system was supposed to work by measuring the average speed of a vehicle between two points.

    But red-faced officials have admitted they have messed up by putting the two sets of cameras on either side of Junction 11 at Fareham.

    Any drivers joining the motorway at that junction heading towards Portsmouth do not pass the first set of cameras, and so cannot be caught speeding.

    The Safety Camera Partnership has said the system will not be activated until it is correctly set up, and so a new set of cameras will be installed over the junction while extra police patrols will be in place to stop a speeding free-for-all.

    Roger Jones, Highways Agency spokesman, confessed to an 'oversight'.
    'We've got to put our hands up really. It somehow got missed,' he said.

    'There is an additional average-speed camera required at junction 11 on the M27 eastbound. One has been ordered.

    'We ask all road users to keep to the 50mph speed limit for their own safety and for the safety of roadworkers.'

    Julian Hewitt, spokesman for the Safety Camera Partnership, said: 'It is true that there are no repeater cameras covering people joining the motorway to tra-vel eastbound at junction 11.

    'In the meantime the average-speed cameras will not be used eastbound, but police will be monitoring the site and vehicles should keep to the speed limit at all times.'

    Lorna Jackson, spokeswoman for the anti-speeding charity Brake, said: 'Whether they have been working or not, common sense tells you that driving at high speeds close to workmen in the road risks causing serious injury or death.'

    The full article contains 404 words and appears in NS-City newspaper.Last Updated: 31 January 2008 12:16 PM