Great new idea

After the sucsessfull amalgamation of Armourers and Gunfitters, why don't the powers that be merge the VM A mechs and VM B mechs? They could be called VM unified or VM U mech for short. What a great idea eh? After all, Armourers and Gunfitters are very similar trades.. And then, after morale gets lower that our current manning, we could go back to VM A, VM B and Armourers and Gunfitters.. What next.. Amalgamation of RS and Radar techs.... :mad:
Didn't they do that in the late eighties, oh yea, cos for a while a full screw VM A,got more money than a VM B Sgt , untill they became the same pay band.
This is a typical REME working day at my unit:

9-10.30 - Working on GEMS.

1030-1100 - Tea break.

1100-1230 - Designing command tasks that include 10ft gap, 8 ft plank, shark infested custard and minetape.

1230-1400 - Fixing their own cars in the workshop.

1400-1600 - Charity bed push dressed in togas and womens wigs.

1600-1630 - Open University

1630-1645 - Work on the tanks. Which for the ECE's is just box changing!

From a Cavalry man who knows!  ;D
Well that's bloody disgusting. Your unit should be ashamed. Only letting the hard working REME have from 10.30 until 11 for tea and toast..

We can stretch it out for a good 45 mins to an hour...

REME: Drink the mess
Yes, we have tried this before. In those days I think there was more money though because I'm sure we joined A, B & C mechs at the hip! I think they raised the extra money to rope in the C mechs by scrapping the VE's (VMs are apparantly just as good at electrical work as they get training on upgrading courses).

We could of course amalgamate VMs, Recy Mechs and electricians. This could save the Corps a fortune or give senior officers the opportunity to leave and be employed by Vosper Thorney Croft as a reward for increasing their profits!  
I got a better idea, rid the Corps of Reccy Mechs and train VM's to do the job, Rech Mechs ain't nothing but tow truck drivers anyway. They live by the so called Rech Mech Bible, what was the bible anyway, a pack of lies written to keep the unwashed heathens of the Earth in line...I rest my case. :p You may ask why I feel safe writing this...Rech Mechs can't read.........can they???? ???

P.S. Love the knucle scrapers really.......a third class tow is better than a first class push or something along those lines and yes before you all say it, Recover vech's are complicated piece's of equipment only to operated be a trained yard sweepers blah blah blah :D :D
Hah! VMs can't even do their own job without crying about it, let alone anything as dirty as recovery!
Always bloody whingeing about backlog of hours - do some work, if you can find the shop floor.

Bloody vermin ;D

No wonder we got Band 7  8)
Waaaaassssss Up Skinny Tiff......AKA A_Lert!!!! May be you should lay off the tea and toast!!! Well the toast at the verry least!
I have, bloody posted to a Scaleyback mess where toast is in short supply. You were only pissed off that when i was at tea and toast it became a competition to see who would break first and go back to work. You didn`t like the idea of a tiff out doing an artisan..
How about the idea of us voluntarily merging with the Sappers - would also solve the argument over who trains the POMS and Fabricators/Welders etc and where it is conducted!  Also means Corps HQ only has to move a wee bit down the road so won't upset those that have planted themselves firmly in the Andover/Bordon/Arborfield triangle - and still convenient for Gosport!  I just couldn't face having to merge with the Loggies - still a First Line G3 snob at heart!
Why don't we cast the net a bit wider, and see what other organisations we could amalgamate with?  There's a wealth of organisations out there who'd be over the moon to be allied with us.  The Royal Army Veterinary Corps, the US Navy SEALS, the Iraqi Republican Guard,  McDonalds, even  CrabAir... but obviously not the RLC.   ;D :eek: ;D
Nice 1 hugh jarse you will have to let me know what unit you work at start at 9 that would be a novelty considering the best of us (REME) start at 8 athough we do compensate for this with 1-1/12 hour naffi breaks besides soon enough it will be UNI REME with us doing all trades why not stick a brush up my arse 2 maybe i could sweep the floor aswell :eek: :eek: :eek:
GS750 said:
Didn't they do that in the late eighties, oh yea, cos for a while a full screw VM A,got more money than a VM B Sgt , untill they became the same pay band.
I know, I was that soldier.

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