This looks like great value for money.

Lots of variety......

Deal of the week - Austria!

On the shores of Lake Wolfgang, Amstetten is one of the prettiest towns in the region of Lower Austria.

With its picturesque scenery, traditional architecture, excellent restaurants and central location it is the ideal choice for your holiday.

You can take a tour of the cellar of Josef Fritzel
and explore other lakeside villages or treat yourself to a horror experience touring the Steinbauer axe murderer sites.

What’s more, to celebrate the life of Natascha Kampusch you will be entitled to a return trip to suburb of Strasshof, where you can enjoy a free walking tour, a concert (including works from Mozart, Strauss, Haydn and Beethoven) and a packet of “Mozartkugeln” chocolates!

from just £269pp…

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