Great grandfathers medals.. WW1

Hi, I recently had a look at some of the stuff left in a old suitcase of my Great Grandfather's and came across a Victory Medal (SA), a British War Medal plus a ribbon from what looks like another War Medal...

Um, was wondering if there is anyway to trace down some history of these? I remember hearing about one man from that side of the family who was with the Natal Mounted Rifles however im uncertain if it's him his son..

Anyway on the rim of each medal is printed

Pte H. George. 8th S.A.H.

As far as I know most WW1 medals were stamped with service numbers? Any ideas why the SA medals seemed not to be?

Also. any of you military boffs know about this 8th S.A.H.? All I know is that it means 8th South African Horse.. But I have no idea about postings, etc...

Oh yeah.. Iv looked but I cant find a medal card or anything.. so thats all I have to go on, and my family know fokal about it...

Edit: Apparently the SAH consisted of 10 Battalions and was under the SA Overseas Expeditionary Force, attached to British command on the western front.

cheers.. FB
The South African Light horse was formed in 1899 at Pietmaritxburg Winston Churcill served with them for a short time I seem to remember, useing Byron Farwells book" The Great Boer War" for ref
Have a look at the Great War Forum, there are guys who will help you and also some experts on the South African Light Horse. Wern't they in Gallipoli?
Thanks guys, will look into it.
they were in Namibia and some took part in the invasion of German East Africa, then Palistine, Egypt and France, cant find much more about them. The South African Infanry Brigade fought with the 9 Inf Div for most of the war but there is very little about the cav
I know they weren't formally attached as UDF troops so i don't suppose we have many records. Come to think of it that explains the lack of service numbers.
Check out the links on Google Image, might help, also The Western Front Assosiation website
Accordign to this site honours WW1 africa.htm

The only battle honours for the 8th South African Horse were "EAST AFRICA 1914-1918". The 8th do not seem to have been present in the battle for Mount Kilimanjaro.

This site does not list any battle honours for South African Horse outside Africa. According to "" 43k South Africans served in East Africa of which 75% were evacuated with malaria, dysentry or the more virilent forms of tick fever.
!st SA brigade served in France from April 1916
The 2nd SA brigade was formed in March 1916 and the second SA mounted brigade took its place in May 1916 and was the reserve of the !st East African Division and servid in the northern territories of German East Africa, but due to disease was withdrawn to South Africa in September 1916.At the time the deaths through disease were 30 to each man killed in action

REF The british Army Handbook, Andrew Rawson
The forgotten war 1914-18 Ross Anderson Tempus books
Wow thanks guys, really helpful :)
Never knew about the disease problems, for some reason the history books tend to focus on the fighting, more interesting I guess.

Anyway thanks guys much obliged.

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