Great Grandfather WW1

@Fang_Farrier - probably reached the end of this one, chap: for you (and others) that have a relly who was PW in either of the wars, you can do no worse than trawl through the website of International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), who maintained a huge database of PWs for both wars:

Have a care though, as the site is not very user friendly given that a French speaker has attempted to translate cursive script English (in most cases). Also, the data held is very much hit and miss: sadly, in A Love's case, it is very much 'miss':

ICRC POW Card-Alexander Love.JPG

And that's it, sadly. No other record that I could find-frustratingly, it does not record his date of capture. Given that we believe it was early War, it's probable that Alexander wasn't sure what date he went into the bag!
A couple of web pages here:

Lists 166 Pte. A Love as captured on or before 25th December 1914.

second link:

You can purchase the full transcriptions of these PoW lists. Typical information to be found includes:

  • archive reference
  • regimental number
  • rank
  • forename
  • last name
  • regiment
  • date captured
  • home address and/or next of kin name, relationship and address
  • other information
  • transcriber's notes

Remember, these lists have never been published in such depth before and are extremely valuable research resources of benefit to family historians, military historians and medal collectors alike. Lists cost from £10. CONTACT ME to purchase these records. Terms and conditions of usage apply.