Great Gibraltar Rock Run July 2009 - Help For Heroes

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by GreatGibRockRun, Jun 24, 2009.

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  1. Some say it can’t be done, others talk of the day that someone did it in 14 minutes but we’re doing it to prove that members of 47 and 68 Signal Squadron from 71 Signal Regiment, do indeed have what it takes.

    The task:

    The Great Gibraltar Rock Run is nothing short of hell on Earth – 1,396ft (426m) at its highest point and around 1.5k in a straight line to get there!

    If that and the fact that it’s going to be circa 35 degrees out there, isn’t enough to make your eyes water, we’ve decided to do it in fancy dress to raise some money for charity; ranging from a full-on gimp suit (mask included) to the more ‘feminine’ nurses outfit! (photos pending) and I promise to do it in a mankini should we reach our target of £1000.00!

    The Charity:

    Help for Heroes is a charity which aims to support service men and women form the Tri-Services who have been wounded in the line of duty, as well as veterans from both World Wars. It has since become one of the charities of choice for serving personnel to work with because of their outstanding continuing support to our troops both past and present.

    So please, find it in your hearts to support those who have fallen and their families, by donating online by clicking the link below:

    When you’re looking at the donation screen, remember that this is no walk in the park and many other people have failed to complete the run. I vow to put in whatever little energy I have remaining to complete the run in the shortest possible time, and not give up until I reach the summit.


    I'm sure there are some of you who have achieved this, but now it's our turn so rather do it for our own gratification and sense of achievement, what better way to raise some money for a worthy cause.

    Anyone from 47 or 68 Signal Squadrons who are interested, please PM me for more information.

    Thanks for reading.
  2. Did I mention that there will be 4 ladies from the First Aid Nursing Yeomanry will also be taking part in fancy dress?
  3. Is this really fair on the Rock Apes? What did they ever do to deserve this? :roll:
  4. Good question 8)
  5. The Apes went mad and chased us just at the sight of our pasty midlands legs going up the rock. God help you lot :D On the upside, having some little pairs of teeth on legs trying to become more familiar with you should help you get up there a bit quicker.

    I'll drop some cash in later today
  6. BUMPED! Did my bit - good luck everyone. GBT, I hope you did better than on the final assualt on our JCLM mate?

    How was the "Run"? Did you all complete? Any tips for the lads on where and where not to go?
  7. Eh? I didn't struggle with the final assault, apart from when I went arse over tit in the boggy area.

    Everyone completed yes, but not everyone ran it. As for the route, we were given a fixed route up with markers as it was part of Marble Tor.
  8. What date is the run and can you get on it if you get sponsorship?
  9. Extrader: The run is being organised as part of Marble Tor 05.
  10. Thanks for that
  11. Thank God for the "heatwave", it'll be easier to acclimatise when we deploy!

    However, sitting in an office stewing away doesn't appeal as much as running up that huge rock chasing/being chased by, those rock apes!
  12. Good luck guys & gals will sponsor you as soon as I can.
  13. Bumped - 27% on target.
  14. sponsorship done ;-) :dance: .