Great Film One Liners

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Ventress, Feb 27, 2003.

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  1. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    C'mon give us your favourite!

    E.g. "I'll be back" Arnie, lots of films!

    "Stick around!"- Arnie, Predator

    "Lay around and bleed awhile before you feel some real pain!"- Eastwood- Heartbreak Ridge
  2. From Last Action Hero....

    Arnie: You should become a farmer..
    Criminal : Oh yeah?
    Arnie then gives him an almighty boot in the nadgers and says

    Arnie: There's a couple of Acres to start ........ lololololol
  3. "Sorry about the 'up yours nigger'.....You'll have the decency not to tell folks I was seen speaking to you"

    Little old lady makes ammends to Rockridges' first black sheriff.Blazing Saddles,the funniest film ever made,co-written by Mel Brooks and Richard Pryor.Got our Squadron through a 6-month FI tour in 1984 & prompted mass outbreaks of barn dancing to 'The camptown Ladies' in Coastel 3 bar.If you haven't seen this make sure it's the last thing you ever do.
  4. Muddy Mildred! Pre watershed style censorship!For 'black person' read N****R. And why am I a guest all of a sudden? Moderator please help ,I feel like a pioneer.
  5. A couple of quotes from Kingpin

    "Hey Roy can you get sick from drinking P*ss?"
    "Yeah, I think so"
    "What even if it's your own?"

    commentator "So Roy Munson, a name from the past. What have you been doing since the state championships in 1975?"

    Roy Munson  "Well er I didn't do much at first, then er. Well er then there were the eighties and er. Drinking a whole lot of drinking!"
  6. The Captain .. (Star Trek)  "Make it so ...."
  7. I guess that would be 'Sinbad and the eye of the Serpent'  ;D

    Items borrowed for the film:-

    1.MDNs stomach and schlong
    2. Ma-sonics tights
    3. ORGs riding boots & dodgy tache
  8. GOOD LORD!!! Such vile pictures will attract toilet traitors from far and wide!
    Anyway, back to the subject in hand.
    Platoon has some quality quotes
    "You're gonna love the Nam. For fcuking ever!"
    "The only way you'll get some pussy is if a bitch dies and wills it to you. And then - maybe!"
  9. "You wanna know what I think?  It doesn't matter what I think"
  10. Napalm....sticks to kids

    Right then.......Those of you who don't know me are in for a great big fu#kin surprise, those of you who do know me can expect an infinatley more horrible time than they care to remember...lets start with our first heart attach shall we....

    RSM Sandy..Wild Geese

    Same fella

    Lt Finn, that was ludicrous, you're jumping from an aeroplane not a w h o r ehouse window
  11. Brick Top: Do you know what "nemesis" means? A righteous infliction of retribution manifested by an appropriate agent. Personified in this case by an 'orrible cu*t... me!
  12. American Pie, Jim's on the bed watching a scrambled porn channel with his wiggey in a sock. Enter Jim's Dad:

    (Jim's Dad) Getting ready for bed, son?

    (Jim) Yup, I'm all set, Dad. I'm all set.

    (Jim's Dad) Yeah?

    (Jim's Mom) No! No, I think he's tried to watch some illegal channels/

    (Jim) Illegal-- Illegal channels?

    (Jim's Dad) This is just bad reception, honey.

    (Man On TV) Oh, spank my hairy ass!

    (Jim's Dad) What's that?
  13. From A Bridge Too Far:

    German:  We wish to discuss the terms of surrender,

    Para:  I'm sorry, we haven't the facilities for you all!
  14. A P O C A L Y P S E   N O W

    Beach scene, just after Hueys set upon village:

    Col KILGORE (OC helicopter's)

              (almost to himself)
         You smell that.
         You smell that?


         Napalm, boy -- nothing else in
         the world smells like that --

    They reflect the glow from the burning trees.

              (continuing; nostalgically)
         I love the smell of napalm in
         the morning.

         One time we had a hill bombed
         for 12 hours. I walked up it
         when it was all over; we didn't
         find one of 'em ... not one
         stinking gook body. They
         slipped out in the night -- but
         the smell -- that gasoline smell
         -- the whole hill -- it smelled
         like ...

    He looks off nostalgically.