Great Fence Of USA

Huh? The US fence NOT A WALL is to try and stop Mexicans coming IN not stop anyone going OUT. Plus they won't have minefields and shot to kill policies for the guards. And unlike the one between India and Bangladesh it won't be electrified you can try and link the Berlin Wall with an anti illegal immigrant measure.....8-(

If the Mexicans sorted their corrupt government out and so on then there wouldn't be some 6 MILLION illegals in the US today. Want to try and claim the same thing for the fence 'twixt Saudi and Iraq? The ones 'twixt Spain's wee colonies and the rest of Morocco?

I note the French Foreign Minister has now said that Israel needs her security fence to stop terrorism...funny how the BBC etc haven't reported THAT major change in French policy!
One report I saw said it's just a pre November Election vote getter that business will see does not Happen post the Congressional Election.
I don't see an issue with it. If they're spending the money on the Border Patrol, INS, and other agencies, they might as well help them enforce the border with a few obstacles. Otherwise, just abolish the agencies, and have full open immigration for everyone.

From a practical point of view it's as useful as tits on a fish. From a political point of view it has two purposes

1. It makes the people who are trying to get re-elected in 2 weeks time appear to be doing something useful to the people who aren't paying attention/lack the cognitive ability to realise that what they're doing is pointless.

2. More pork.
They'll still get out, they'll just get out via Canada.

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