Great Events During Your Military Service

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by pombsen-armchair-warrior, May 26, 2009.

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  1. Nov 9th this year marks the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, itself a precursor to the collapse of the Soviet Union and the end of the Cold War.

    I was serving as part of an Artillery Regt in Germany at the time, and at the first opportunity jumped in my motor and drove into eastern Germany to get a glimpse of what it was we had been opposing for the previous 40-odd years. Stopped for a cup of coffee in a small village, whose name escapes me, just over the border. Nothing unusual happened, and people were going about there daily business as if the start of this huge geo-political/military shift had completely passed them by - which in truth it probably had.

    In all my years of service this, plus 9/11, are the two greatest events which I believe have had the greatest effect on our organisation, structures and doctrine.
  2. Interesting thread. I suppose much the same for me but I never looked at in that way. I think the Good Friday Agreement is a great event in light of unparalelled progress. On our soil too.

    Non military related for me must be our rugby team winning the 2003 World Cup on Aussie soil. Pure bliss.
  3. Working in Bayeux for the 60th Anniversary of the D-Day Landings. Some of the photos still stir up a bit of dust in the room....
  4. In the middle of Basic Training at Catterick in November 1963 when the news of President Kennedy was assasinated. Many Senior Officers etc in the Garison had some 'buttock clenching moments', as the US had put its Military on a Defcom 3 status Worldwide.

    Basic training was curtialed by several weeks and young 18 - 19 year old Soldiers were posted out early for Trade Training (Phase 2). I quite liked it, because it meant I didn't do the full 12 to 14 weeks Phase 1 training. We all were still passed out as trained Soldiers.
  5. Ex Marble tor in the 80s. Waiting for the Herc to turn around, pick us up and drop us into the bay in Gibraltar as a "jolly". Then it was commandeered by some civvies who jumped on board and went back to Hereford after dealing with some IRA folk

    Death on the Rock!
  6. NAAFI Break ;)
  7. LancePrivateJones

    LancePrivateJones LE Book Reviewer

    The lads at Warrenpoint and Lord Mountbatten getting murdered in 1979.
    Was in Edinburgh at the time and the tattoo was nearly cancelled on the day it happened. The show went on.

    Iranian embassy siege 1980. Watched it live on BBC1.
    Was vaguely aware of 'Them' in 1980 but was a little more aware afterwards.

    Falklands 1982. Didn't go but was very proud of those that did.
  8. At Sandhurst when 9/11 happened. Remember being told by the CSgt to get our arrses in front of a TV as our careers were being defined for us on live TV
  9. going to the bmh in berlin to see dentist only to be told when i got there all appointments cancelled. as rudolph hess had been rushed in for ulcer
  10. Being at the celebrations of many of our old Colonies when gaining their independence.....
    End of Empire, end of East of Suez etc., ................... never the same afterwards.
  11. The Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia after the Prague Spring, that was the real beginning of the the end for the Warsaw Pact - although it took a long time coming

    OP CORPORATE: it changed the way the world looked at the UK and at the British Army in particular.

    The collapse of eastern Europe in 1989, with the refugee trains coming into West Germany followed by the fall of the Berlin Wall.

    And 9/11, for which we are still suffering the after effects.
  12. Coming in after work in Londonderry in '72 to be told by one of the Fusiliers that 'someone had taken some Israeli athletes hostage in Munich and it was live on the telly'.
  13. We were in a forest ride in STANTA when word began to filter through of 9/11. I had a sudden vision of us being deployed on top of Canary Wharf, the BT tower and other tall civvy assets by sundown. We weren't but I have vivid memories of lying in my bag on a cloudless clear night watching the nav lights of the USAF doing big lazy circles amongst the stars.
  14. REME 50 Parade, Sennelager, feck me did it rain.

    Jumping in my car to drive to barracks to be ROS on Sunday 31st August 1997, turning the radio on, and thinking "Oh fcuk, the grief whores will be a fecking pain today". They were.
  15. Joined up 05/09/01. Csgt said, "Statistically every 10 yrs the British Army goes to war."

    Barely a week later, "Gentlemen, welcome to the war...."

    He wasn't wrong....