Great Descriptions

Have heard many great descriptions given during my time but sadly having the memory of a retarded newt I can remember very few. One that springs to mind is:

' that bloke is a complete Leatherman'

ie a useless tool that everyone carries.

Any others (with translations) most welcome.


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Nickname of "Morph" - Short for morphine which is a slow acting dope.

Nickname of "Thrush" - Irritating cunt
Nickname Remmy-

Nickname Joey-
Joey Deacon


"Thrombo" - slow moving clot
hogg said:
"Thrombo" - slow moving clot
I like that, that's brilliant! I'm gonna call my Mum that from now on!
Wedge - the crudest tool known to man

Foggy - by all accounts the Royal Families nickname for Mark Philips because he is so dense.
so ugly that he / she / it fell out of the ugly tree and hit every fcuking branch on the way down

or so ugly they look like they've been bobbing for chips <-my personal favourite.
Clumsy Bee Keeper- Someone with Really bad Acne
Crater Face (See above)
Moon Face (See above)
Teeth that you could eat an apple through a letterbox with.
I used to work with a very annoying, short, RAF, charisma bypass who we christened "Gimlet" - A small, boring Tool

Also to use a Life on Mars one, as white as a ginger bird's arrse
Aquafresh - A tube with 3 stripes.

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