Great cookbook

Bought a great book in The Works today....... Made in Italy by Giorgio Locatelli.

Reduced from £26 to £5.

It's one of those chatty books, with recipes and remeniscences, what I've read so far is really good, with lot's of simple but delicious Italian food, where the author's enthusiasm shines through.
Any milk in that omelette J?
Anything by Mark Hix seasonal British cooking at it's best.
If in London his restaurant 'Tramshed' is well worth a visit.


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Nope. Just shitloads of butter in the pan. The old bat had a thing about butter. You should try the biscuits - real artery mutilators but bloody tasty.
Pretty little thing when she was younger. It was a great series, the book is available new on Amazon for £450.


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