Great bustards reintroduced... salisbury plain

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Squiddly, Jun 3, 2009.

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  1. Yep, after being extinct in the UK for xyz number of years, the great bustard, a weird bird that looks like the bustard (aha ha ha) lovechild of Mr Pheasant and Mrs Turkey, is now living and reproducing in the UK.
    They've been released by conservationists dedicated to bringing them back to the uk - on salisbury plain.

    Now I know the place is big, but isn't this a bit like rescuing a family of ducks/ducklings, and releasing them onto spaghetti junction?

    Story here.

    One commenter notes that we already have a load of great bustards in Parliament 8) .
  2. Saw that on springwatch last night (Kate Humble, yum, yum). But also playing the Chris Packham(sp?) game of counting the Smiths song titles he manages to mention (vicar in a tutu was last nights).
  3. it's to suplement the rations.......
  4. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    How long before one of them becomes BBQ to some enterprising jock on exercise? :D
  5. Wonder if they taste like chicken?
  6. 177 years, I think

    Er, no. They have plenty of room on Salisbury Plain, which is prime habitat for them, and indeed where they used to live in the past (unlike your hypothetical ducks on Spaghetti Junction).

    What is more , they have already begun to spread out from the location into which they were introduced. I would imagine there must be other areas, too, into which they could be successfully re-introduced. Lincolnshire for example. East Anglia (Thetford?).

    Needless to say I support this reintroduction, as well as other similar programmes, such as the one bringing the beavers back.
  7. Salisbury plain was a small part of a huge environment that spread as far north as Yorkshire - they "used to live" all over the place :) .

    But I support the reintroduction too :) .

    But you have to admit that on a whimsical level, reintroducing them to such a well known location as Salisbury Plain is vaguely amusing :) .
  9. Quite a few are in Westminster.
  10. Hence my comment about them spreading out, and about other possible sites for "re-introduction"

    Wherever they reintroduce them will become "well known" We haven't got many "unknown" places to put them!
  11. That bird is even uglier than some of the birds I have been out with :oops:
  12. [​IMG]

    looks like a cross between a turkey and a pheasant...
    ...and a vulture and a bald eagle.
    With a beard. 8)
  13. Very good news I say. All of our military training areas have been used to retrieve and protect endangered flora as well as fauna. The irony is completely lost on the Rambelettes Strolling Society who would have their 'Right To Roam' enforced in order to access them through these areas.

    Hopefully the Bustard project will provide yet another reason for Parliment to dissuade the flourescent back pack characters to drop their campaign to 'open' the training areas, beyond what is the present state of play.
  14. Agreed.

    Although I left the army in 93, and although I absolutely loved having access to those training areas whilst serving, and although I would personally love to be able to wander at will around them now, I would not want them opened for general access (including to the likes of me) for precisely those reasons.
  15. Can you eat them?