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Great Britons survey

There is a voting process currently ongoing where Joe Public gets to vote for their greatest Briton of 2006. in order to give good old Tommy Atkins the recognition he deserves please follow the link:-


and vote for Tommy Atkins under the section 'Public Life'. It will stop us paying homage to celebrity chefs and cheating/failing footballers for once.

These people aren't heroes because they scored a free kick in extra time or made lavender and walnut ice cream. Heroism is displaying compassion, moral and physical courage in the face of great danger and adversity.

Vote for 'Tommy Atkins' - great british soldier (- and I obviously include everyone in the British Army (British or not)).
Already been done to death on a couple of other threads (that I can't be arrsed finding).

Criteria is "must be a living, specific person" to be nominated.


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