Great British Film moments

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by tazmanian_clogdancer, Apr 8, 2012.

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  1. This has more than likely been done before and somebody will no doubt throw a link up but meanwhile.....

    Is there any moment in a film you lot have watched where you think 'that's a proper bit of Britishness there!' Doesn't have to be a war film old or new will do. I watched the longest day again recently and I always smile when you see Kenneth More playing the part of Lt Cmdr Colin Maud DSO,DSC say to his bulldog 'down Winston down' as they get shelled all around and he just stands there.

    The other would be in Carry on up the khyber again when they're getting shelled and decide to carry on with the dinner party. Anyhow over to you and Welsh people please don't quote every line from Zulu.

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  2. "The county designation of the 24th Regiment in 1879 was the 2nd Warwickshires; they didn't change their title to the South Wales Borderers until 1st July 1881 - almost exactly two years after the war had ended. True, the Regimental Depot had been established at Brecon, in South Wales, in 1873, and from that point there was a small but significant increase in Welsh recruits in the ranks. In fact, however, recruits for the regiment - like every other battalion in the British army - were signed on at recruiting depots across the country, and the 24th consisted of men from England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales.

    The most that can be said is that the Welsh connection had, by 1879, led to a rather higher proportion of Welshman in the ranks than was common elsewhere. Nevertheless, even the most optimistic search of the regimental roll can find only 19 men of B Company, 2/24th, with any sort of Welsh connection - out of a total strength of more than 80. Of course, there were detachments of numerous other units - including Colonial Volunteers - present at the battle, making a total garrison of about 145. So the Welsh contingent comprised no more than 15% of the total.

    So the Welsh can **** off about Rorke's Drift.
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  3. I like the RA Battery Sergeant Major in the film Dunkirk...



  4. If we're talking what defines Britain today:

    I like the bit in the Harry Brown film where the teenagers kick **** out of the old bloke in the alley.

    Just about sums today's Britain up. Britishness as we remember it from the WWII era is well and truly over.
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  5. Nevermind the WWII era, britishness as we knew it in the 80s is gone.

    How about that bit in Braveheart where Mel Gibson screams freedom. Brings a lump to my throat and makes me feel all patriotic it does.

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  6. [video=youtube;SnM97H3Zglc][/video]

    This part of Ray Rigby's 'The Hill'.
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  7. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Book Reviewer Kit Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Interesting pov. I know this is from the Guardian but it is just one of several that you can find if you look up crime and blitz.

    London in the blitz: How crime flourished under cover of the blackout | Society | The Observer
  8. [video=youtube;eyCCuHC08bY][/video]
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  9. Actually I preferred his line having just shot one of the scrotes: "You my son, have failed to maintain your weapon"

    Or words to that effect........
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  10. Negligent-Discharge

    Negligent-Discharge LE Book Reviewer

    I still think a classic bit from a Brit-flick is when Guy Gibson in "The Dambusters" is told that his dog has been run over. The name of the pet escapes me.
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  11. Yep. It's a good film that shows the values and standards of many of the elderly compared to many of the youth of today.
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  12. Not a film but the last scene of Blackadder Goes Forth.
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  13. [video=youtube_share;LKr9eja-1cw][/video]

    Bridge Too Far
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  14. Last time I saw it on the tv he was called Digger. I'm sure they'd never change it due to pc.....
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  15. [video=youtube_share;-Li65P_3lvM][/video]

    BTF again
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