Great Britain Wins World Cup 2010

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Jimima_Shark, Jun 8, 2006.

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  1. England all the way and f*ck you all?

  2. Wales, NI and Scotland should join together?

  3. Team GB Go?

  1. Appreciating that England is the better team, currently, of the home nation teams (and I say that as a Scot). Would we as a true Union team stand a better chance of bringing silver/goldware back the Isles?

  2. With the possible exception of an ageing Ryan Giggs, name one non-English UK player who'd get into the current England team.
  3. Want to try that one again. A non English UK player who'd get into the current English team?
  4. Yes, a non-English UK player (i.e. Northern-Bog-Trotter, Sheep-Worrier or Porridge-Wog) who would get into the current England team. It's not that hard to understand really, Biscuits.
  5. Wah?
  6. Yeah, its probably better to keep them seperate.
  7. Bad idea....

    1. 84% of 'Great Britain' is English, your only loosing out on 16% of the GB population anyway.

    2. What would the Welsh/Scottish feel about a 'GB' team consisting of 100% English players IF thats what the manager chooses?

    3. Would we have to have a token Scott/Welshman even if it lowers the quality of the team?

    Bad idea....
  8. Bad idea! The only people who want this are the feckin Unionists? There is a small % of Scots who say yes to it, the rest say FECK OFF! There would be forever in house arguments about who plays! Woe betide the manager who does not pick a team consisting of all the home nations.
  9. Not a good idea. Engerland does have the largest population to select from and therefore generally produces the best team.

    They are seperate countries with seperate identities and traditions.

    Not army regiments you can just disband and throw away years of history.
  10. The British olympic team uses Scotts et al, regardless of the population of England.

    P.s Stop spelling it Engerland, you're making me think I'm typing it wrong. :wink:
  11. And those with odd shaped balls have a combined Ireland side but would that work in the footy world?

    Horses for courses I suppose.

    See I didn't mention Engerland once.