Great britain football team?

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Murphy_Slaw, Oct 30, 2007.

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  1. Yes, lets fly the flag and beat Johnny foreigner

  2. No way! I'm Scottish , Irish , Welsh, English and could never support a british team

  3. Who cares, we would still lose.

  1. IOC back British team

    The British Olympic Association have been encouraged by the International Olympic Committee to field a Great Britain football team in both the men's and women's competitions at the London 2012 Games.

    The BOA had planned to enter teams for the London Olympics supported by the Football Association and the Northern Irish FA, but the Scottish and Welsh FA were opposed.

    FIFA president Sepp Blatter has always maintained a British Olympic team would not threaten the independent status of any of the associations but the two governing bodies were unmoved.

    Last year the BOA insisted they would go ahead regardless and now chief executive Simon Clegg has revealed the IOC's support.

    Clegg told the BBC's Inside Sport programme: "Ever since London won the Games, we've been very clear. It would be absolutely inconceivable for us to host the world's greatest sporting event in this country that includes as an integral part of that competition, football, our national sport, and for us not to field a team.

    "And we will field a team and the comfort that we've got, the commitments that we've got from the IOC reinforce that aspiration.

    "This will be a national celebration and I would be greatly saddened if some of our most talented players north or south of the border or west of the dyke would be deprived of the opportunity to compete as part of a Great Britain team because of sports politics or because of sports administrators unable to act in the best interests of their athletes.

    "And I think the man in the street would find it absolutely unbelievable if we were staging this event and there were Olympic football events taking place up and down the country as there will be and we didn't have a GB team participating in it."

    Chief executive Gordon Smith has, however, reiterated the SFA's opposition.

    When asked if the SFA would try to block players from Scotland who wanted to make themselves available he stated: "I would hope that players registered with the SFA would accept our policy on the matter".

    We have a British Lions rugby and Rugby League teams. We have a European golf team. But do you think we could have a British football team for the 2012 Olympics?
  2. I do not see a problem with A GB "lions" style team. Sepp Blatter has already stated that it would not intefere with the individual FA's voting rights, so why the Jocks and the Welsh are still troubled by it I do not know.

    The rules state that all, except 3, players must be 23 or younger to play and so we should be able to put a decent side together with the available young tallent from all GB nations (perhaps not wales)
  3. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    I don't have problem with it as a one off as long as Blatter's comments are delivered in print.
  4. Nope. Too many homos, too much red tape and far too much arrogance.

    Besides, what would Sir Alex have to say, surely it would be up to him?
  5. Fair point on the red tape Oz. Not sure on the Alex quote though!
    Who would pick the team though? And how would it be made up, i.e. at least two players from each country, or purely on merit?

    I lke the idea of using young players, particularly from the lower leagues.
  6. There's only one flaw with this plan - there are no players in NI, Scotland or Wales that reach the quality line. We would then be left, de facto, with merely an England team unless we introduced that perennial favourite of positive discrimination.
  7. This will probably end up going the way of the cricket. The team is called England but has had Welsh (and possibly Scots and Irish??) players who's Country gets no recognition. And why should Welsh and Scottish footballers have to sing "God Save the Queen" when they have their own National Anthems. And before you reply, "God Save the Queen" is the British National Anthem in NAME only. Watch any sporting event and the indiviual Country's true National Anthem is played, apart from England who haven't got one!!!!

    You may disagree but the English want their own Anthem.

    Anthem for England
  8. I for one would not trust any thing Blatter said or wrote.
  9. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    I'll bite :D

    With England 11th? and Scotland 13th? in the world ranking, one would feel that there would be one or two from north of the border in the team.
    As to the rest of the home nations, there will be a few picked on merit from there too.
  10. What quality line? No-one has qualified for Euro 2008 yet. Don't get ahead of yourself. English arrogance at it's best, AGAIN!!!!
  11. PA,

    Actually that's a good point ,and we could end up in that ludicrous situation that arose in the Rugby World Cup where the S Africans were made to sing half the anthem in an obsolete, minority language, and the remainder in that gold-standard of languages called English.

  12. I'm Welsh unfortunately.
  13. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    No NO NO. If the Olympics requires a GB team, a GB team it will be and there is only one anthem that could be played. Any attempt to put some sort of England banner over it is way out of order and will attract huge scorn for the jingoism it is.

    Perhaps that is why the other Home Nations are being so cagey?
  14. Then please accept my "half-hearted" apology. LOL
  15. Easy way to do it - base it on population, which would see 8 chosen from England and 1 each from the Provinces/Principalities.