Great book on understanding women just came ourt in paperback

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by jumpinjarhead, Jun 26, 2012.

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  1. women book.jpg
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  2. So the index is out now, when's volume one coming out?
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  3. It's the abridged version (of the introduction)!
  4. It might as well be written in latin or urdu for all the good it will do me. The doris has barely spoken to me since saturday night and I still not sure what I am supposed to have done (or not done).

    It's a case of "well if you don't know...".

    Women...tcchh eh?

  5. If your doris is like my LHCO, the delict could have occurred several decades ago and only just ripened into its full glory for payback.
  6. Well, something to read in bed I suppose - when there's not much else on offer.
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  7. Oldy but goody

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  8. Hmm, sounds exactly like mine. I wonder if we are the victims of bygamy?
  9. Your Woman console must be the prototype as it's lacking the coin slot of subsequent models.
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  10. I don't think so--I am never beyond her chilling gaze.
  11. I thought they were on notes now, or a nice slot for your credit card?
  12. It's clearly fake the buttons and dials tell you what they do.
  13. Beat me to it--coins don't even register on the LHCO/s radar, a bit like our current Masters to whom a million dollars is not even worthy of mention.
  14. They are not mapped to the correct response though, so, very genuine i would say.
  15. There's an on/off switch marked.